VIDEO: Martin on the DBs

Defensive Backs Coach Demetrice Martin answered questions Saturday night after the second practice in San Bernardino, and he's clearly pleased with the performance of his secondary...

Demetrice Martin talked to us after the evening practice on Saturday.

On the growth of the secondary:
It started off this past spring, getting all those guys back, getting those 15 practices in, and then what Coach Ulbrich brought, those guys bought in with the new philosophies. Although some of the techniques have not changed, that has helped out tremendously. The guys have bought in well and they're flying in and making plays.

On how quick they picked up the defense:
It wasn't that bad all because a lot of the terminology stayed the same so we had to tweak instead of apples to oranges.

On Fabian Moreau:
I'm expecting for him to help me out and defend the fade route. Fabian is a phenomenal athlete, being its only his third year at cornerback. He's showing a maturity, a confidence and a quietness, what I like to say in corners, that those guys cover at the next level.

On if he's surprised at Moreau's development:
Yes. Yes. Yes.

On Moreau's quietness:
No panic at the point of attack, whether that's making a tackle, covering a deep ball or even after he gets beat on a deep route, he's quiet, there is no panic, no rattle. He knows 'i'll get the next one."

On Priest Willis:
Priest is doing really well. Light years from when he first touched the field. He's coming along tremendously. It started to flash in the spring and now he's getting in to a comfort zone and looking at the safeties like 'yeah, I got the call.' That's awesome to see.

On if it is a confidence issue with Willis:
I think it had a lot to do with confidence in the past. Now he feels real confident with the scheme, real confident with the technique. He's made a couple of plays that he wasn't supposed to make. Earlier this morning, he made an interception and it wasn't even his man, he just fell off into coverage. He kind of played a trick on Brett there.

On if there was a point where it clicked for Willis during the week:
Like I said, it goes back to spring. It gave me a forewarning that when we started this camp, he was going to be alright.

On Marcus Rios:
Oh wow. I'm so proud of Marcus. The stuff that he's fought through. That he's come back to be out here, he's really good. What Marcus is going to add to our secondary is going to be tremendous. Just his tenacity, what he's come back from. Man, it's a great story in the making.

On if Rios' return helped Adarius Pickett move to running back:
With Pickett, really what sparked it was the same thing with Fabian, the other way. Like with Fabian, he's out here covering other guys messing around and we're like 'hey man, why don't you come over here and try this.' All spring, because Adarius came early, when we had tackling drills, none of the DBs could tackle him when he was the ball carrier. Obviously, he was player of the year in his town for running back, so we were like 'hey man,' he's such a special player. He's not in our top five, so we said lets see if he can crack the lineup over there at running back. He can catch really well, he's tough, he's a real between the tackles type of runner that we may need.

On if Noel Mazzone stole Pickett:
He couldn't steal this time.

On if he's close to his top eight in the secondary:
I think so, guys are starting to emerge. But I don't want to put my foot in my mouth and speak too soon. But you have guys like Jalen Ortiz coming over and making plays. Its still foreign to him even though he played some in high school. He's got very long arms for a 5-9 guys, with a 6-0 wingspan and he can run and he's got a lot of contact courage, so he's a guy I'm excited for.

On what Priest Willis still needs to flash:
Just consistency, being more consistent. Getting it on the field, getting in the book. Just doing the little things that those guys who want to go to the next level want to do.

On if he's seen DBs pick up things as quick as Moreau:
That's a good question. Fabian has picked it up really fast in year three. Its tremendous.

On Jaleel Wadood:
He's special with how fast he's picked up the playbook. He nagged me all summer. 'Come on in coach, I know you're on vacation, but just give me an hour.' The things he did in the classroom, I was blown back. I just couldn't wait to see when he had live bullets and process it, and he's done just that. He's going to be big for our secondary.

On the DB's stopping the WRs in camp:
The guys are flying around. It's been a long time since I've been around that kind of lull. Usually, the offense will win the next day. Putting two days together is pretty good. But I know their time is coming and I know we're usually ahead of the offense. But we like that kind of competition.

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