VIDEO: Adams Talks Secondary

Redshirt sophomore Ishmael Adams talks about his role in the defense, the development of Fabian Moreau, and how the two sophomores, Priest Willis and Tahaan Goodman, are doing...

Ishmael Adams:

On the comfort of the secondary:
We're getting comfortable with it. Talk to Coach Ulbrich. We're working on perfecting the craft. You can never get too deep down in the defense. You're just making sure you're doing the job, working on our communication. So we can all have that mama's voice in our head, that's what Coach Ulbrich says, that comforting mama's voice, that tells you people are where they're supposed to be. We're all playing comfortable as a unit. Especially that back end, we've been playing together as a unit for a year now.

On if any changes came as a result of the DC change:
Not necessarily. Coach Meat did a great job of knowing what he wants and what works already. We have a great dime, nickel package and a great Okie package. We have linebackers unlike anybody in the nation. We've been able to settle on that, change the lingo a little.

On Goodman/Willis competing for fifth DB:
They've come a long way, just seeing them grow through last season along with us. Now coming up, bringing in this nickel package, figuring out where the pieces are going to fit. Priest is night and day, to last fall camp, and he's really shown himself and his ability. And Tahaan, like always, bringing the boom and working more on technique.

On teaching the long guys technique:
Technique will set you free and that's when you see Priest picking it off and taking it to the house and you see Tahaan laying the boom. Those guys and Fabian coming from running back, and being able to switch when he comes here, and he's one of the top DBs in the nation. And they're all helping me. We don't bicker back and forth, we're coachable. We bring in this player mentality.

On Marcus Rios:
I'm super happy for him, he's coming in and doing a great job. And it creates depth and gets hard out there, playing fast paced Oregon teams or Arizona State. Getting a little breather, coming from punt returns, allows us to be able to trust those guys come in and play. Its been great having them out and ready to play.

On Myles Jack in coverage:
We call him Little Myles Revis. He's getting it done. I love working opposite of him and allows me to have some fun. We love to have fun. That's the biggest thing. You can't let this game take the fun out of it. From Pop Warner on up. You have to have the love of the game back to back to back to back.

On returning kicks and punts:
I love it a lot better, just being able to work with the coaches and doing the best of what I can. Knowing whats coming forward, and what kind of schemes we'd like to run and having a part in that. It's all a confidence thing. Being back there and having guys run at you. Trusting guys to block. All 105 guys do a great job of blocking.

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