Photo Gallery #5: Camp at Night

Check out some surreal shots from Saturday night's practice in San Bernardino, including pics of Eldridge Massington, Nate Iese, Mossi Johnson and more...

All photos courtesy of Steve Cheng.

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Fall Camp Photo Gallery #5

It was a beautiful night for practice with a full moon overhead. Coach Ulbrich (foreground) coaches the defense in the live session.

Coach Deshaun Foster

Coach Kennedy Polamalu instructs the team before drills

Jordan Payton

Myles Jack knocks over Jordan Payton in the endzone

Mossi Johnson #14 in the no hit jersey

Adarius Pickett switches to RB

Adarius Pickett

Adarius Pickett, Coaches Foster and Polamalu

Adarius Pickett, Roosevelt Davis

Adarius Pickett attempts to catch the ball while Coach Yarber harasses him with his noodle

Coach Yarber wields his noodle

Coach Yarber bashes Craig Lee with his noodle and forces a dropped pass (had to include this one from AM practice!)

Nate Iese

Coach Foster, Paul Perkins

Roosevelt Davis

Paul Perkins

Tre Hale #48

Alex Van Dyke, Devin Fuller

Left to right: Jerry Neuheisel, Brett Hundley, Paul Perkins, QB Coach Taylor Mazzone

Coach Jeff Ulbrich with Anthony Jefferson

Isaako Savaiinaea (buried in the pile), Tahaan Goodman, and Eli Ankou #96 converge to tackle RB Steven Manfro

Brett Hundley

Left to right: Scott Quessenberry, Eli Ankou, Paul Perkins, Kenny Lacy #76, Kenny Orjioke #46. In the background are coaches Mora and Klemm.

Jordan Payton, Anthony Jefferson

Tahaan Goodman, Nate Iese

Devin Lucien

Myles Jack, Ahmaad Harris

Nate Iese stiff arms Tyler Foreman...

Marcus Rios

Jordan Payton

Jordan Payton, Anthony Jefferson

Eldridge Massington #82

Nate Iese #32 in the endzone defended by Tahaan Goodman.

Devin Lucien, Fabian Moreau

Eldridge Massington with Ishmael Adams defending...

....Massington makes the catch over Adams for a TD

Massington shows the ball.

Brett Hundley fires a bullet to Jordan Payton

Devin Fuller makes the catch, Kenneth Walker #10 blocks Ishmael Adams

Brett Hundley passes to Steven Manfro. OLs Kenny Lacy, Poasi Moala and Jake Brendel handle the rush.

Jordan Payton with Myles Jack defending...

...Jack breaks up the pass.

Isaako Savaiinaea throws Christian Wehrly down hard after a catch.

Devin Fuller, Ron Robinson #32

Left to right: Tahaan Goodman, Kenny Young, Charles Dawson

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