VIDEO: Taua on First Week

Freshman defensive lineman Ainuu Taua talks about adjusting to the speed of the game, how the position he's playing differs from what he played in high school, and more...

Ainuu Taua:

On the first week:
It went by pretty fast. It was a fun week. I could tell immediately it was different. Some moves in high school that work, don't work out here. I have to use the technique and learn something new every day.

On playing offense:
That's what they told me and I got happy real quick. I was sitting on my bed before practice, and tried to get more athletic than high school in that one practice. Hopefully I can still catch the ball. I can block too.

On why he wears #35:
35 is my favorite number. I have to wear that. I'm putting the heart on the line with this number. My dad, my brothers. I have four brothers and they all wore it. My dad too. I remember sometimes with my dad, I didn't have 35, so he wouldn't let me play. The youth team got me 35 and my dad let me play. My dad, that's what he raised us with.

On the difference from high school:
You have to hold your gap, in high school you just shoot and chase through, going sideline to sideline, trying to make a play on it. Right here, it's just do your assignments, trust your teammates. Lineup in the right gap, hold down your side.

On the similiarities to his role in high school:
In high school, they didn't have us shaded. It's kind of different, really. We ran a real different high school thing and I was able to run around in high school. Just different, kind of holding your gap.

On if he's more a nose or DE in the system:
I like the 3. I love the 3. I'll play wherever they want me to play.

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