VIDEO: Mora on Monday

Coach Jim Mora talked about his intensity in getting after the team Monday night, freshman linebacker Kenny Young, the injured and more...

Opening statement:
It wasn't our best practice. I think what we have to do is make sure that everyone understands what level of commitment it's going to take for us to get what we want to get. Sometimes those are hard lessons to learn. Now, we got some good work done, but I don't like the way it started or the way it ended. A game is about starting fast and finishing strong and we didnt demonstrate that tonight. If you let it happen and don't apply lessons to it, you'll make mistakes. There is good stuff going on, but negatives can affect it.

On the injuries:
A couple of injuries, but I don't know. Hopefully Jake's ok, I don't think its serious. The preliminary isn't serious.

On two of the three suspended freshmen being back:
Yeah, and Sharp's coming in tomorrow. We've had some injuries and you're allowed to 105 so we're going to bring them in and let them work and see where they're at. Now, they'll go through the acclamization process. For those two, today was number one. Then tomorrow they're without pads, then shoulder pads, shoulder pads then full pads. They're excited to be here and I'm excited to see them work. Sharp was in Texas and he's getting in today. It's something that I've been thinking about for a couple of days, and we had some injuries. So I thought about it a lot, we talked about it as a staff and it's something that I wanted to do, bring them in and let them practice. We started with 104, maybe 105. Then Simon, Cameron and Sam Handler, they're done, so you can bring in replacements for them. The guys that go away, can't come back, so those guys are out for an extended time. It's kind of like subbing in soccer. Unfortunately, you have injuries. And I hate the fact that Simon and Sam and Cameron got hurt, so we'll get these other guys in.

On Adarius Pickett:
I stand behind the offense and I thought he runs hard. He kind of can find a crease. It's all so new to him now but it looks like he has some promise. He's a heavy runner. He's only 198 pounds but he runs heavy and you can feel it when he runs. He catches the ball well out of the backfield. He's only been there a couple of days. I know yesterday he spent the whole day at Bruin Woods studying and he's showing a commitment to getting on the field for us this year. I like that. He gets behind his pads, bends his knees and hips, and gets the weight behind his running. He doesn't run like a feather. Some guys run like feathers, and they look really pretty and run really fast, but they can't hit it up in there. He brings some oomph.

On Pickett choosing to study the playbook on his own at Bruin Woods:
Yeah, I'm assuming so. I walked by him a couple of times and saw him studying and didn't bother him. He's a very determined man. He doesn't say much. You saw him in the spring. He works his tail off. We moved him to running back and I already told you what he said, but he didn't say it in an arrogant way. He said it in a determined way. He's the kind of guy you want on your team, no matter the situation, he keeps going, and I like that a lot and hope he helps us.

On Eldridge Massington being used in the red zone:
I would hope so. I don't want to see them caught over Fabian but I like seeing them caught. He's a big long-armed guy and Brett can throw it up there and he can go and get it. That's what long-armed receivers do. They go attack the football and that's what Eldridge does. I see Alex Van Dyke doing that and Jordan Payton doing that. Devin Lucien had a really nice night tonight, catching the ball. It's about an attitude of I'm going to get the ball and Eldridge is like that. That's how TO used to be and I'm not saying, I used to coach Terrell Owens, that Eldridge is like Terrell, but he has that mind. Early in the week, he was kind of struggling but the last 3-4 practices, he's been consistent, running great routes. He's taking big steps. I need to take him take another one and I think he will.

On Kenny Young:
Kenny is a good player and we moved him up to first team today and he ran with the 1's. Now our depth chart is fluid, it's ever-moving, but Kenny has a presence to him. You guys are right, we see the same things you see. He doesn't look like an 18-year old freshman. We saw that when we recruited him. He was playing in an extremely competitive environment in Louisiana, and excelling. And playing against some of the best players in the country, and excelling. He's come here and he certainly hasn't disappointed. Coach Wooden used to talk about competitive greatness- being at your best when your best is required. Take a guy like Kenny, you move him to first team and he has a great practice. That says something about the guys character and that's what you're looking for.

On the Moreau/Lucien matchups:
What you love is when your good players are competing against each other. And when you get that matchup time after time after time, they're each going to win their battles and lose a few. And hopefully they learn when they lose and when they win. That's competition and that's what we want, every position.

On if Randall Goforth's shoulder is a concern:
Not really. His mom has an old Samoan tradition, and she'll probably come up here tonight and move it. That's what he's afraid of. He's not afraid of the doctors or surgery, he's afraid of his mom coming up. He said there is some Samoan deal she does. I haven't seen it work but he says it does. He was saying 'oh man, my mom is going to hear about this and she's going to be up here pulling on my shoulder.'

On Zach Whitley:
Zach got a concussion. He did one of those deals where your head goes back and hits and a whiplash thing. You saw him he was out here for a while. You know from our history, any time there is a head injury, we're going to be very careful. Hopefully he'll be back out here in a day or two, but we want him to be careful.

On Marcus Rios:
I don't think he had a head injury, I think he just had a headache and given Marcus' history and what he's been through. Anytime he gets a migraine or a headache, we're going to stop him and that's the right thing to do. But he didn't take a shot to the head or anything.

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