VIDEO: Brown at Linebacker

Linebacker Jayon Brown talks about his growing comfort at the position, what specific assets he brings to the position, and what value there was in playing special teams last year...

Jayon Brown:

On camp so far:
It feels good, getting used to the tempo, with the freshman. The D looks good.

On the competition at inside linebacker:
It's a good competition. Me and the other backers, we're here to build each other up and get bigger and stronger.

On what he brings that is unique:
We're all good players, we all do something that is different. Some are faster, stronger, but at the end of the day, we all have to compete.

On what he's working on:
I would like to work on everything truthfully, pass drops, rushing and being a better leader to the team. We have to keep each other accountable.

On if inside linebacker feels like his spot now:
Inside backer is home. Just taking advice from Kendricks as an older guy and leader. He builds me up when I'm down. During film, I'm watching him and how he attacks lineman and attacks his gap.

On his size:
I'm 230. I came in at like 195-200. Coach Alosi after last season, we've been attacking the weight room. Just getting ready for the season. I'm getting used to it. I feel stronger and faster and have to adapt it on the field, so all that hard work from the offseason can be put to use.

On how his special teams role helped with defense:
Special teams is huge and everything that we do here is important. I would like to continue to play special teams and on this defense. It helps you with the mindset to not take a play off. Not everyone takes special teams serious. But special teams is important to us as a team and everyone wants to get on us.

On being ranked No. 7:
We don't look towards that, we just want to get better as a team. Just help each other and stay focused on the main plan, game by game and practice by practice.

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