VIDEO: Mora on Lucien

Coach Jim Mora mostly talked about the head injury to receiver Devin Lucien, and how it's a tough job to manage a practice when dealing with exhaustion and injury...

Opening statement:
Our immediate concern and obvious concern right now is with Devin Lucien. He suffered a head injury. We don't know the extent of it but he's being transported to the hospital. He's in very good hands. Dr. DiFiore is there and we have contacted and talked to his mother. As always, we're going to be overly cautious with anything that happens to the head, neck or spine, that's not a toughness issue. We're praying for him and thinking about him. He's in good hands. That's all I know right now. Anytime something like that happens and you see an ambulance come on the field of play, its tough. Especially for younger guys, that's their friend, so we'll keep him in our thoughts and prayers. We had an outstanding practice, given the fact it's hot. It was practice #10. We've been pushing them hard and they responded well. We've demanded a lot and they've raised up to it. We worked a lot of end of game situations end of practice, and we want to practice those things constantly. It's hard to be ecstatic because we're thinking about someone we love in Devin Lucien. My concern is Devin's health. What I do know is John DiFiore is one of the finest physicians in America when it comes to head injuries and he couldn't be in better hands than him.

On what caused the injury:
It looked to me and from what I've heard is he hit his head on the ground. I believe it was when he was making one of his spectacular and typical Devin Lucien catches and it shook him up a little. He's really been practicing well and he's put together a couple of good practices.

On Jake Brendel:
He's not ok, but he's going to be. He'll be out a few days. It was an MCL but pretty moderate.

On injuries:
There are a lot of guys out, and obviously, our big concern is with Devin. Besides the injury to Devin, Sam Handler hurt his knee and Cameron Griffin hurt his shoulder, but other than that, it's just the customary bumps and bruises from fall camp. We've stayed relatively healthy. But once again, you say those things and your mind goes to Devin.

On keeping a balance this far into camp:
It's really hard. It's one of the hardest parts of coaching. You know where you want to go, you know what it's going to take to get there, but you have empathy because they're tired, they're worn out and they've been giving us they have. You have to find that balance and hope you can rely on your experience. The fact that we've been up here the last couple of years has helped, it helps me know when we can take a break, get in the shade or cut practice back or cut plays or change the focus of a practice but you always want to keep moving forward. But when something like this happens, you question everything.

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