VIDEO: Bunche on Left Tackle

Redshirt senior offensive lineman Malcolm Bunche talks about his transition to left tackle, Jake Brendel's health, and how he improved his body this offseason...

Malcolm Bunche:

On being the left tackle:
It's a tremendous honor, playing the blindside for one of the most explosive quarterbacks in college football. I have to keep grinding and working on my position to protect my man Brett.

On being in better shape:
I got here in the spring, I was 325 and now I'm like 310. I want to be below 309, the fast paced offense, being up and down the field.

On if that will be done before they leave San Bernardino:
I'm going to make it happen. Especially the weather helps a lot, the conditioning we do before each practice helps and eating right in the cafeteria.

On taking a leadership role:
I'm not really that vocal, but most of the guys listen and know how to listen and they're great guys. Sometimes it's hard because you have young guys who are ignorant and don't listen, but these guys are great guys and when I want to teach them, they listen and try. They're great.

On working with Coach Klemm:
Great technician. He's a great coach and has a good mind. He knows every position. He's very technical when it comes to run and pass blocking. He's fun yet hard. He's real cool and a real fun person to be around.

On getting the chemistry on the line:
It's camp, that stuff happens. You have those little nagging injuries that follow through camp, then you have those devastating injuries, a sprained MCL, fractures, then the nagging injuries. But lets be honest, camp sucks. You're trying to get better at your skills and learn the playbook and the coaches and getting to know the players and gaining the feel for the team.

On understanding the playbook:
It was a little shaky in the beginning but just through repetition and getting out here and practicing.

On Jake Brendel:
He's ok, he's fine. He's going through treatment. He's kind of walking, out here today, kind of walking around. Thank God it wasn't that serious an injury. I think he'll be ready for Virginia but if not, Memphis. He has a good head on his shoulders and he's a tough dude.

On comfort at tackle:
Before camp I was left guard, then right guard then right tackle and then now. Not center yet, but I snapped a couple balls. It's just a transition I'm in. We're out here working on our craft and that's what I'm here to do.

On why he came to UCLA:
I came here to help the team. I feel like these guys are a great group of guys. Wherever Coach Klemm or Coach Mora wanted to put me at.

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