VIDEO: Kendricks on Kenny Young

Eric Kendricks talks about what makes Kenny Young so good so quickly, discusses the changes in the defense, and talks about how he's adjusting to make sure he stays healthy...

Eric Kendricks:

On his health:
Excellent, I'm feeling really great and happy to be out here.

On the defense with Kenny Young:
He's impressed me tremendously. Sometimes a young guy it's hard to handle, but so far he's picked it up well and learned from what we had to tell him. He's picked it up as we go and he's working hard first and foremost.

On translating from practice to games:
I guess that's where my job comes in as a veteran to help him out and give him some keys I never hard and shine the light on him and help him out earlier so he doesn't have that struggle

On why he thinks Young has transitioned so well:
Some guys just have it. He's one of those kids who are physically strong and mentally able. He came in with the right mindset and he's physically ready.

On replacing Barr/Zumwalt with younger backers:
Those guys are working hard every day. Especially in film, they take it seriously and they pick up the slack.

On developing a pass rush from the outside linebacker:
It's tremendous, that's one of the thing, with Kenny Orjioke and Deon Hollins and Aaron Wallace have, that pass rush ability. Hopefully we can see them turn it on this fall.

On differences with Ulbrich:
We're very aggressive as well as very smart. We play with our heads and also with our hearts. We take it personal, fly around and have a lot of fun.

On having Ulbrich as DC after having him as a LB coach:
Coach Brick has helped me learn the game tremendously and he continues to do so, especially with the young guys in the room. With the young guys, with his NFL and college experience, and overall football IQ with us.

On how he's taking care of his body:
I know that if I have a nick, take care of it, but for the most part just staying healthy.

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