VIDEO: Hollins on His Role

Sophomore Deon Hollins talked about how he's lost some weight and improved his quickness to compete for the outside linebacker spot left open by the departure of Anthony Barr...

Deon Hollins talked to us after practice.

On his size:
During spring I was about 230 pounds, I tried to beef up a little more. I didn't carry the weight as well as I wanted to. I took a lot of protein, I just didn't like the way I put it on. I slimmed down a little bit and now I feel way faster. I didn't feel as quick or explosive, in Okie my drops weren't as good. Putting on a lot of weight at one time was detrimental. It's a process.

On the different roles in the defense:
We literally have so many weapons on defense. Its so amorphous. Weapons like Myles, it's great. A lot of weapons to do a lot of different things with. Coach talked about carving out a role for everyone on the team and we have a ton of playmakers. When everyone just accepts the role and plays into it, we'll do great things.

On how he sees his role:
More of a nickel rush end. Spelling guys. Pretty much that role.

On feeling better in that role:
A ton better and getting familiar with the defense. We introduced a lot of concepts, the whole foundation and guys are buying in to it and it's paying dividends.

On if it was Coach Ulbrich who changed it:
Yes, guys are buying in and we know it's our year and we're pushing for it.

On his weight:
I'm 221. It's hard to keep weight in camp. I think I weighed in at 218 today, but it's hard to keep weight in camp.

On the outside linebacker position battle:
Mostly, how it's looking right now, from my eyes, it looks like a job by committee. That's what its looking like. I think we can get more production that way, just guys being fresh.

On if shuffling guys in by committee is tough:
Yeah, sometimes it can get crazy when you bring out different personnel. We're working on it.

On leading in sacks for fall:
We don't keep track but coaches keep grading us on practice. The outside backers have been positive a lot of the days, it's a real close competition.

On what the coaches have told him:
Continue the track I've been going on, study my playbook, and just keep going.

On what he wants to develop more:
Coverage is an area I've improved on. My punch, I think it can get much stronger.

On the size differential going against the tackles:
To me its an advantage, the leverage you can play with. Sometimes a bigger guy tries to push, and you can stay lower and get down.

On how he does his pass rush (question by Myles Jack):
I just look at your film, that's a good starting point.

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