VIDEO: Mazzone on Fall Camp

Offensive Coordinator Noel Mazzone talked after Wednesday's morning practice about the dealing with the usual dwindling bodies in the second week of fall camp, emerging players and more...

On replacing Devin Lucien:
To be honest with you, I'm feeling really good about our depth on the outside. I don't look at us as I have three starters, three backups, I have about six guys out there that are starters.

On Aaron Sharp:
First day out here, his eyes were like saucer plates. Tall good-looking kid, we'll see what he's got. Hard to make a judgement off a couple of pat-and-go's.

On how long they'll be without Lucien:
I don't know.

On the backup quarterback battle:
That's a good question. Like I told them yesterday, we're in practice No. 11, and I really try to get the reps equal and not try to evaluate someone off the first week. At this point, they've had enough time to gather and process the information, and from this point on, we're competing. I also told them that they should push everybody, I need guys back there to push Brett. Good football teams always have competition and we need some of those guys to start separating themselves.

On who the backup is:
I don't know, I haven't made the decision yet.

On Jordon James:
He's doing really well. He had a little nick and got back out there and flashed a little bit yesterday. I really like the depth we're developing at running back. At the pace we play at, you can't really say, 'this is our guy'. It's hard with our tempo. We're developing like 3-4 of those guys and Jordon is one of those guys.

On what James could have done if he stayed healthy:
I never project. Everytime I project, I've paid alimony. They all come out and work hard. Last year's last year. I think they're all going to be ok. I don't worry about the running back position, KP has it going over there. Whoever runs in there, I just call the plays.

On Adarius Pickett at running back:
He's getting used to getting in to offensive shape. Surprisingly to me, he's picked up the offense and he has a feel for the game.

On the offensive line depth:
You don't want to jeapordize guys. It's typical camp, the dog days of camp, nick here, nick there. The plus of all that is that sometimes you find you have some backups that you didn't know. I don't think it's any different than any other camps I've been in.

On Jordan Lasley:
We'll see. He has fresh legs, everyone else out here is tired. He has the skillset we're looking for at that spot.

On Najee Toran:
He's not playing because someone got hurt, he's one of our top five or six offensive lineman. He gives up a little in size, but he's got a high motor. He's tough. Now its a matter of him getting enough reps to feel comfortable at the position.

On if Toran is an ideal pulling guard:
Hopefully he is. The ideal one is playing for the Texans right now (Xavier Su'a-Filo). That's the one we want. Ideally, he'll kind of be like that guy.

On Logan Sweet:
I love my guy Logan Sweet. He's had a really good camp. He's perservered, he's worked hard. He never says anything, he's there every day. He's really come a long way from two years ago when we first got here and he really figures in to those top 4-5 guys at the outside spot.

On if Jordan Payton could play in he slot:
Like any football team, you put your best guys on the field. Luckily, I feel, it's my famous quote, 'who are those guys', I'm really happy wth our depth at the receiver spot. Thomas Duarte is looking to come back and Mossi is looking to come back.

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