VIDEO: McClure on D-Line Development

Defensive line coach Angus McClure talks about how his freshmen have looked so far in camp and breaks down Eddie Vanderdoes' comeback after sitting out spring...

Angus McClure:

On the freshman defensive linemen:
I love them. They've really improved since the first practice. All three of those guys are out their competing.

On if he expects the freshman to play this year:
Yessir. Yes. Everyone knows I like to use a lot of guys. I like to keep guys fresh in the game, especially all the high tempo offenses we speak. They certainly have the athletic ability, they're gaining knowledge.

On Matt Dickerson:
He's got unbelievable hands and great length. He can really shock and separate guys, throwing guys around. His pass rush is coming along and he'll get more physical as the days go on.

On Eddie Vanderdoes:
He's picked up what we're doing. He missed spring. He was also in a boot for a long time, so he's probably not in great football shape running wise because he was in a cast, but he's gaining endurance as we go and getting a lot of reps.

On Ellis McCarthy:
Ellis is doing fine. He got his weight down. I think he's 335. His goal weight is down to 325, so he's making strides. The individual drills he looks really good.

On if Vanderdoes/McCarthy will rotate:
They both can play multiple positions and that's how I'll use those guys, at different positions. Based on the matchups as we see week to week, I like to interchange personnel and get good matchups. Eddie can play inside, he can play the 3, the 4i, the 5. Ellis can play the 0-nose, 1, 2i, 3, 4i and 5. They're talented guys.

On using Vanderdoes more in the 3-tech:
In the past, in the nickel package, he would play some 3. He plays the b-gap well and he's an explosive player and physical.

On the defensive line contributing to the pass rush:
I think we have some very good pass rushers. I see the guys continue to develop that. The bigger guys are used to bowling them over. When I get them, fresh out of high school, that's my job, to groom them and develop them and use their hands and eyes. I've really seen us develop as really good pass rushers.

On having Owa for another season:
Owa is an experienced player. I considered him a starter two years ago. He was the guy who rotated with Datone and Cassius, who were good players, still playing, making more money than I do. He became a starter when we played Stanford, playing some outside linebacker in some packages. He was playing 30-35 snaps a game. Which is about half a game depending on the game. But Owa is certainly a great leader, been great with our younger guys. If you look at our depth chart, 2/3 of them are sophomores or down, so having someone like Owa, with his leadership, is a blessing. He's going to be versatile. He'll play interior, we'll move him outside, we'll have him as a speed rusher, we'll have all his talents certainly to our advantage. He had to work out the kinks in spring practice. Coming out to San Bernardino, he hasn't missed a beat. He looks extremely physical. He's really controlled his body balance and pass rush, which is what we worked on this summer. He's only getting better and better.

On the relative health of the defensive line:
The injury bug always hit a certain position in camp and a lot of times, it's something that the coaches can't control, but Adrian will have them back, he does a great job with them.

On natural pass rushers:
Jacob is quite a pass rusher. He's 6-4, 265 and can really bend. His hip flexibility and shin angle is really good. Training him to use his hands, he's picking it up really quick. He's had quite a few sacks in camp.

On Kenny Clark:
He's more physical. He has better knowledge. Schematically, we're doing some things to enhance his position. He's becoming more of a leader. He's a great lead by example guy. For the interior guys, he has the cleanest technique by far. You can tell he's really worked hard in the offseason. So if you can believe it, Kenny Clark is more physical.

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