VIDEO: Toran on Being First String

True freshman offensive lineman Najee Toran says he's only 268 pounds, while also talking about his nasty streak...

Offensive lineman Najee Toran talked to us after practice.

On camp so far:
It's good and fun. It's different from high school. It's hot out here and hard work, but it's football.

On the difference from spring practice:
Just the two-a-days, that's what's different. The heat gets you. But everything else is the same, it's football. Nothing really changes.

On how he makes up for lack of size:
Heart, staying low to the ground, being as physical as I can be. Being my size, height and weight, you've got to be physical or you're going to be pushed around. It comes with the territory of being small, but for the most part, you're not going to push me around, you're going to have to fight.

On if that's always been his thing:
Yeah, I've always been physical and don't let people punk me. I like making them look stupid, look weak.

On if he's got any longterm injuries:
I'm good. I was out for a couple of plays, but I'm good. The heat gets to you, but I'll be alright.

On potentially starting against Virginia:
Good possibility. Keep playing like I am, it will be most likely. I wasn't really expecting it. Spring, everything was different, speed, technique, but coming into fall camp, everything changed and was different, rolling people out, getting better in pass pro, everything has gotten better.

On how much being in for spring helped:
That was a big help, I don't know if I had gotten here in fall, if I would be in this position I'm in. Getting a spring under my belt, learning the plays and the technique that Klemm taught me, it helped me out for fall camp.

On his weight:
267. I gained like five pounds (since spring). Whatever I could perform at, that's what I play at. If I could move people off the ball at 230, then it doesn't matter, as long as I can move. I'm not 230 now. I came in to spring at 285 and came in to camp at 265. Gain weight, lose weight, heat makes you lose weight, I sweat a lot.

On if the heat is worse than in Texas:
No sir, not at all. It's only 115 now in Texas.

On what he worked on the most in summer:
Pass pro. My school, we ran the ball. We hit you in the mouth and you have to stop us. Here, I have to block for Brett Hundle, so I had to get better in my pass pro. That wasn't the strongest part of my game but I'm getting better every day.

On pulling:
I can get them with a little force. They're coming down hill, but I can hit them with a move.

On if he likes being labeled with a mean streak:
Yes. That's a good label. You don't take no mess. You're physical and perform. Everyone on the team wants someone physical that they can depend on. When I first got here, the basic pressure as a freshman was on you, but I nipped that in the bud real quick.

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