VIDEO: Priest Willis on Confidence

Cornerback Priest Willis talked about improving as a cornerback and how the support from other players has really boosted his confidence...

Priest Willis talked to us after practice.

On fall camp so far:
It's going good. As a team we're getting better, as a defense we're getting better and getting comfortable. We're just trying to make plays.

On the strides since last year:
My coaches told me to get better. Me getting in the playbook, working with RG, Ish, Fabian, getting comfortable on the field so I don't have those mental errors.

On his confidence level:
That was my thing, the confidence. I'm more confident, the defense trusts me and the defense is like 'lets go Priest'. Having them on your side is a big support and it gives you a big boost of confidence.

On if he put too much pressure on himself:
I don't read none of the 5-stars, recruiting stuff, you have to prove yourself in college. I'm just trying to get better every day, in this scheme, and helping this team. I want to be a big impact.

On playing cornerback:
I see myself wherever the coaches want to play me, and right now, that's cornerback and I feel really comfortable there. Getting the play calls, it's fun. I just had to sit back and let everything go and have fun.

On what he's working on at cornerback:
Everything. I mean, more the IQ, just press, having different weapons in my bag, I'm just always trying to get better with everything. I'm not even close to being the person I want to be. I'm taking it one step at a time, trying to win a championship.

On Fabian Moreau:
Fab is a genuine guy and from the beginning, he was just like 'come on Priest, you got it, you got it.' We'd stay after practice, or go to his room and work on the plays. Fab and Ish and RG, all of them, just helped me. I thank God for them, that's what you call a team. Your brothers are there when you're down.

On if he's learned from the DBs:
You learn a lot from everyone and I just try to pick up their game and where my game lacks, try to put it there. We learned a lot from everyone. The mistakes they make, I try not to make them. I take bits and pieces from everyone and I'm glad I have them there, they're like my big brothers. I love watching them play and that's how you get better.

On earning the outside corner spot:
I want to get out on the field and our team is headed to the championship. Wherever they see fitting me, wherever that leads me, that's where I want to be. Right now, it's camp, there is no depth chart, everyone is competing. We have some injuries and everyone is competing.

On support from Coach Mora:
Coach Mora is there for everyone. He's that big enthusiasm guy. He's there, he gives you courage and confidence and he believes in everyone. That's what a head coach is for. He's one of the most genuine men I've ever known and I love Coach Mora. He's there for eeryone. If you need him, that's what he's there for. He's everyone's biggest fan and that's why he brought us here, to do big things.

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