Fall Camp Photo Gallery No. 6

Check out more excellent fall camp photographs from BRO photographer Steve Cheng...

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All photos courtesy of Steve Cheng

Adarius Pickett

Paul Perkins

Brett Hundley, Coach Mora

OL: Caleb Benenoch, Toran Najee, Jake Brendel
DL: Owa and Kenny Clark

Jayon Brown in coverage, Ainuu Taua battles Ben Wysocki, Brett Hundley

Devin Fuller

Randall Goforth, Fabian Moreau, Justin Combs

Denzel Fisher playing cat and mouse with Ishmael Adams in DB drills

Coach Polamalu, Christian Wehrly, Trey Hale

Mossi Johnson watches the ball into his hands

Concentration--look at those eyes!

Malcom Bunche

Left to right: Matt Dickerson, Deon Hollins and Ainuu Taua battle Ben Wysocki, Scott Quessenberry and Kolton Miller

Jordan Payton #9 and Eldridge Massington work on one-handed catching drills

Logan Sweet

Devin Lucien catches the ball over Marcos Rios

Paul Perkins
Jordan Payton blocks Myles Jack

Steven Manfro

Adarius Pickett stiff arms Tahaan Goodman

Paul Perkins collides with Myles Jack

Marcus Rios

Ahmaad Harris

Ahmaad Harris, Ishmael Adams, Priest Willis

Jaleel Wadood tackles Mossi Johnson in a no-hit jersey and draws the ire of Coach Mora (Kenny Young scoops up the loose ball)

Brett Hundley throws after play action with Steven Manfro (OLs Kenny Lacy, Caleb Benenoch, Malcolm Bunch)

Devin Lucien and Marcus Rios dive for the ball

Asiantii Woulard

Devin Fuller

Ka'imi Fairbairn on kick offs

Matt Mengel

Brett Hundley with Paul Perkins

Jerry Neuheisel

Ken Norton, Jr

Dwight Williams

Tahaan Goodman--take notice of his cracked helmet

Tahaan dances to the warmup music

Anthony Jefferson joins in

Myles Jack delivers a forearm shiver to Paul Perkins

Randall Goforth returns a kick off

Jordan Lasley

Size comparison: Mossi Johnson stands next to Jordan Lasley

Jordan Lasley in the late afternoon sun

Coach Jim Mora, pissed off for greatness.

Dwight Williams

DC and LB coach Jeff Ulbrich

Deon Hollins

Owamagbe Odghizuwa

Eldridge Massington defended by Jalen Ortiz

Fabian Moreau blankets Kenny Walker

Jordan Payton takes on Tahaan Goodman

Myles Jack battles Mossi Johnson

Mossi Johnson beats Myles Jack in the endzone

Eldridge Massington over Ishmael Adams

Alex Van Dyke, Erick Zumwalt

Devin Lucien and Fabian Moreau in an epic battle for the ball

Logan Sweet with a great route and catch for a TD

Hundley runs down the field to celebrate with Sweet

Devin Lucien

Legendary Bruins fan Dominic Cumo

Cumo takes in the action from the sideline as Devin Lucien walks by

Devin Lucien stops by to greet Dominic Cumo and his mom

Sunset at Cal State San Bernardino--the observatory in the foreground


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