VIDEO: Mora on Friday Morning

The head coach updates the status of Devin Lucien and Scott Quessenberry and also talks about Anthony Jefferson playing cornerback...

Jim Mora:

Opening statement:
Really good practice this morning. Yesterday we decided to just do a little work and got them out of there. The plan was to go to the pool, but they were having a senior citizens moment, so they couldn't go to the pool. So they went back to the room and rested then last night, we went and saw Denzel's movie that comes out in September. The Equalizer. One of the best movies I've ever seen. They came out today and I was proud of them. Special teams, situational, worked some team periods. Tonight we'll have a pad practice and then tomorrow our mock game. Really please with where we are. Guys coming back with minor nicks. Going back to previous camps, we're in much better shape. Everything is good.

On Devin Lucien:
He passed the concussion test this morning and he's rehydrated and hoping on Monday hes back in practice, maybe in a red jersey. It was a head injury combined with the heat, but the great thing about Devin is he comes back quickly.

On Zach Whitley:
He ran on the side and that was his final progression to getting back on the field. Hopefully he'll be back on Monday.

On Scott Quessenberry:
Scott had a minor concussion and hopefully he'll back on Monday as well.

On Jake Brendel:
Jake is doing really well. He's walking almost without a limp.

On Simon Goines:
Simon's surgery went really well and he's on the road to recovery.

On Alex Redmond playing center:
When Jake's down, Quess is down and Carl is still recovering, we slipped Alex in there and I think he's only had one bad snap. He's making the calls and it's forced him out of his comfort zone and forcing him to make calls. It will help him when he moves back to guard.

On the punter job:
Adam looks good, Matt looks good, Steffan looks good as a placekicker. We're in really good shape there. I feel good about our snapper Longo. It was a big unknown and I was concerned, but watching them the last week and a half, we're going to be in good shape.

On losing Sean Covington:
You know things and the way things are going so you have a little clue something might come up and we were trying to get our ducks in a row, so when he left, we had to figure out how we made it work. First getting Steffan to go here rather than the other school and Matt going to other schools. And Adam has had a good offseason and worked hard.

On Anthony Jefferson playing corner:
We move him out there to get him some looks. Our depth chart, do not read anything in to it. There are certain guys you know are going to be starters, but we try to move some guys around for position versatility. AJ was working at corner, Jaleel was working at safety. Today, Tahaan did. This afternoon, it might be completely jumbled. There is nothing set in stone on how we'll use guys. Get them position versatiity, get them comfortable playing other spots. When I look at our secondary, I see nine guys who can play. Jalen Ortiz has really stepped up. I've kind of forgotten him before, but he's really stepped up. He's a good player and he's going to be good out there and has good coverage skills.

On the backup quarterback spot:
I feel like Jerry and Asiantii and Mike have all made tremendous progress. Just thinking about how far Asiantii has come. Last year, when he was doing drills with no one coming at him, he could just spin it. And we were all fired up. When chaos was coming, it was different. And he looks different. It's positive to have those three guys after Brett.

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