VIDEO: Ankou on Development

Redshirt sophomore defensive lineman Eli Ankou has worked consistently in the two-deep all camp and looks poised to play this year...

Eli Ankou:

On working with the first string:
It feels good, I've been working hard and it's been a good camp and Coach Angus is teaching us a lot.

On different roles:
I wouldn't call it difficult, I think I'm more mentally prepared. Coach Angus and Coach Brick have us moving around. The key is versatility.

On taking Thursday off:
We were ready to work, whether it was a shorter day but it was great to rest. It's been a tough game.

On his success:
The key to being successful on the D-Line is keeping your hands inside, a lot of power. Power and accuracy. That's one thing that Coach Angus stresses.

On the jump he's made:
Definitely the change in mentality. I was hit by a knee injury that wasn't fun. You learn from it and move forward. But as long as you have confidence and believe in yourself, you can do what you want. Coach Angus has done a great job keeping us on point with technique and keeping us mentally sharp.

On how much Angus has told them they'd play:
Ever since I got here, the culture on the D-Line, he doesn't want to keep the same guys. It's a big rotation. Not just 2, 3 guys, everyone plays, if you can play, you're going to and have an impact on the game.

On the defensive line depth:
The past couple years we've been not so deep, but it's made us tougher with more reps. A lot of new guys coming in with more talent. As far as being older, being able to teach them new things. It's just been two weeks but guys are growing.

On the DL chemistry:
The film room is where it all happens. If we have a problem, we'll voice it out, if there are any issues, calls we have to make, we'll communicate. It's all about communication.

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