VIDEO: Sweet on Stepping In

Walkon wide receiver Logan Sweet talks about his journey to UCLA, running with the 1s, and what his goals are...

Logan Sweet:

On fall camp:
It's been pretty successful so far, the competition has been at a high level. Especially with the WRs and DBs. At the receiver position, there is a lot of talent out here. You can't come out here and take a day off because you could lose your job.

On his growth:
Hard work every day, coming in as a walk-on, that mindset never changed. You come in and have to work hard regardless. The day you come in and start taking days off and stop working, that's the day they forget about you or the day you start messing up or start dropping. Consistency is key in order to get to the 2's. To play with a quarterback like Brett, who is a potential Heisman winner, and on a team with a lot of hype, and be seen at a high level, you have to perform. You can't take a day off.

On if he considered leaving for other schools because he knew he could play:
No doubt, I knew I could play. Football was it for me in high school. I tore my ACL my junior year and lost my recruiting and I was determined ever since that point that I know could play. That was my one goal to show them. I know I could play football but everyone forgot about that, but hard work with a guy can play stands out.

On who was recruiting him prior to the injury:
Mostly Pac-12 schools. That's all sophomore year. All the hype. Junior year is important now, I see that with my younger brother. You see junior year is important and I didn't have that. At that point I wasn't worried about college, it was after my knee injury, to come back my senior year and potentially play in college.

On how much frustration he had:
It depends on how you look at it. If you sit around and stay frustrated and ask why this happened to me, you're not going to make progress. You have to think it happened for a reason, so no point thinking about it, so hard work came in.

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