VIDEO: Fairbairn Talks Kicking

Junior kicker Ka'imi Fairbairn gives his thoughts on the punter competition, talks about his offseason workouts with Sal Alosi, and discusses some of his longest kicks...

Ka'imi Fairbairn:

On his time at UCLA:
I'm a junior year now. It helps having experience, guys like Chris Longo, Jerry and the same coaches.

On how much he's changed since his freshman year:
It's amazing what two years with Sal Alosi will do. I was a little guy coming in, 165 pounds, and gaining 20 pounds and training, has helped a lot.

On if Alosi has a specific training regimen for the special teamers:
Yeah, I do front squats while the other guys do back squats. I don't know what it does, maybe quads. It always hurts.

On the punter competition:
It's a competition for everybody. Coach pushes every position, even my position, I don't take every day for granted.

On the backup kicker:
We have him in the rotation and he's finding his place, whether it be punter or kicker.

On Matt Mengel:
He's good. He has a strong leg. It will be good competition.

On his offseason:
Working hard in the weight room, Chris Longo and Jerry, working on the snap, hold and kick, getting that rhythm and comfort.

On the chemistry of the three:
It was great. Big improvement in the spring, And we were rolling through summer workouts.

On his longest kick in the spring:
Spring we pushed it back to 60, but (here), that was 58 and felt good. It's not the greatest surface out here, but we'll be pretty happy in the Rose Bowl. I can't wait for that.

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