VIDEO: McDermott on Shoulder, Weight

Redshirt sophomore offensive tackle Conor McDermott talks about gaining 40 or 50 pounds over the last two years, how his shoulder is recovering from offseason surgery, and more...

Conor McDermott:

On his shoulder:
It feels good, just trying to get back in to it. Work hard and trying to get a spot.

On how much weight he gained in the offseason:
Probably 50 pounds. 40-50 pounds. I was probably 250, 260 when I came in. It feels good, good weight.

On if there was a moment he was surprised at his strength:
Just being out there with my team felt great, getting my shoulder back out there felt really good. Being out with the offensive line, working hard.

On the first couple practices:
It didn't take too long, first couple plays were hard, but after that, it was back to normal and felt good.

On if he feels any lingering shoulder issues:
When I punch, it's feeling pretty good. Just have to keep strengthening it and rehabbing it and working with Coach Klemm.

On how many shoulder operations he's had:
Two. One in high school and one after Stanford.

On his mindset after injuring himself against Stanford:
It was exciting to finally get into a game. It was a good and bad birthday. That was my 21st birthday. I tried not to let it get me down. I got back to rehabbing and I knew Coach Klemm would give me another shot. Just wanted to get back with my bros.

On how he stayed positive:
Just help from my parents and teammates. Knowing they were there for me and knowing I'd have another shot.

On if he thinks he'll get that shot this fall:
I just have to keep working hard. We have a great offensive line, great teammates, all working on our technique and we just have to get better each day.

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