VIDEO: Mora on Saturday

Head coach Jim Mora talks about going through situational game day drills Saturday and what units he's confident in after the two weeks...

Jim Mora:

Opening statement:
Really good way to end camp with a mock game. They were locked in. We had no substitution issues. We put them through every special teams situation you could imagine. I think it was a great way to end camp up here, relatively healthy, we're hardened and focused. Now we go back to UCLA and fine tune things and two weeks from today we play Virginia. I like where we're at and where we're headed and we have a lot of work to do and excited about that work.

On if they'll start Virginia work on Monday:
No, we won't. We've watched some film but we won't start doing anything until later in the week.

On if there are positional units he's not as worried about after camp:
I feel good about our punter, because I think we have three guys who can get it down. I think we've built some depth at running back. I feel good about our team. I feel good with where we're at. We have good depth and quality depth and good expeirence. Now it's a matter of staying focused every day and not looking too far ahead and worrying about having a great day every day and getting better.

On the growth of the offense since last year:
Oh yeah, that's natural. When you have a quarterback come back for his third year and he's taken all those snaps and has a great grasp of that, you'll see growth. He's got better chemistry with guys like Jordan Payton and Devin Lucien and Thomas Duarte and Devin Fuller and Logan Sweet, who should be showing up a lot. If there was one thing I wished for in this camp would have been more continuity on our offensive line. But the big picture, having some positional versatility, because you're not going through a season unscathed. Working at different spots will help us in the long run.

On all the good quarterbacks in the Pac-12:
Oh my goodness, this conference is filled with great quarterbacks and I wouldn't trade Brett for anyone in the country. Why would you? The guy is outstanding.

On the college football playoff:
I don't care about the college football playoff. I care tomorrow. I don't care to talk about it, I don't care about it, it's not in the equation for me and I just care about being better tomorrow than we were today. I'll let the other coaches answer how they want to answer it.

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