VIDEO: Hundley After Monday's Practice

Quarterback Brett Hundley answered questions after the first practice back on UCLA's campus...

Brett Hundley talked with the media Monday.

On his teammates giving him a hard time about the SI cover:
They're just being teammates.

On being back in Westwood:
So much nicer. So much nicer.

On Alex Redmond at center:
He's fine. It's camp. The O-Line is doing good.

On Malcolm Bunche at left tackle:
He came in and did a great job for us and showed senior leadership there. He's a great guy to talk to, been there and done it.

On talking with Mazzone about running:
We never specifically talk about it, it sort of happens. I'll run when I have to. We have our three running backs happy, and they'll carry the load.

On how different Bunche looks at tackle from guard:
He's good. He has a lot of experience at both positions. I like him at left tackle and the coaches do to and he's doing well there.

On if Bunche had to learn anything different in this offense:
Nah, we have Coach Klemm, probably the greatest O-Line coach in the country. There are certain technicalities you have to learn and he picked them up quickly.

On Adarius Pickett at running back:
He's coming along, like all the freshman, they're coming along. And getting used to it still, but they have a lot to learn, but all of them, Van Dyke too, are coming along.

On the defense:
Our defense has come a long way. I hope to see a lot of strides from them. They're doing good. It's good to go against them every day, going against Fabian, an All-American. It's a good battle every day.

On what makes the secondary good:
Technique. Coach Meat one of the best DB coaches in the country, and they're in the film room every day and he's improving them.

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