VIDEO: Pickett On Move to RB

Freshman running back Adarius Pickett talks about making the switch from cornerback and what the biggest adjustments have been...

Adarius Pickett:

On switching to running back:
Its feeling good. I feel natural. I've been playing running back my entire life.

On how much he was recruited as a running back:
My senior year, it's funny, Virginia, who we play our first game, actually offered me as a running back.

On his reaction to the move:
Anything to help the team out, I was excited. They said I could probably get on the field at running back, which I was happy about that.

On who initiated it:
The whole coaching staff. I talked with Coach Meat, because he was my position coach. He called me and asked if I was willing to do that and help the team out. It was really the whole coaching staff though.

On if the UCLA coaches pitched him on that when they recruited him:
Yes, on my home visit, Coach Mora saw my highlight tape and he told me I could possibly play running back here.

On if it's a full time move:
At this point, I don't know. We'll see what happens. I'll try to be the best at running back and if not, I'll transition back to defensive back.

On Kennedy Polamalu:
He's a great coach. He's been training me and I've been picking it up real fast. He's a great coach. Everything he does is about technique and that's what I really like about him.

On his understanding of the offense:
Last week was really my first week, I had the summer getting used to the defense. Now the adjustment is getting use to the tempo of the offense.

On saying he'll win the starting job to a coach:
I just feel like with me competing, my abilities, that I could possibly do it.

On if he had to make a mental adjustment:
No, just play hard and aggressive and I'll be alright. Make the defenders miss.

On the hardest part of offense:
Probably pass protection. You have to key the linebackers and know who's coming and the rotations of the safety. That's probably the main thing. Running the ball is on you, but pass protection, you have to really read and know whats going on.

On the hardest linebackers to block:
Eric Kendricks. Going against him, he's real good competition. Kenny Young also, he likes to bull rush. We get each other better.

On upperclassmen who've taken him under their wing:
Paul Perkins, Jordon James, really, all the running backs, they like me a lot and make sure I know the plays.

On how his skill set differs:
I like to run inside the tackles, that's where I find I'm best at. I like running inside the tackles.

On what he likes about running backs:
I like scoring touchdowns.

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