VIDEO: Jack Responds to Ulbrich

AUG. 19 -- Jeff Ulbrich called Myles Jack the "biggest prick" on the field last week, but Jack says another player might take the cake...

Myles Jack:

On being back in Westwood:
Most definitely. Better weather here, and I'm enjoying it.

On how nice it was to take Sunday off:
Somewhat, just to get back to Westwood, move in to the dorm. Kind of get comfortable. The day off is always nice, but we're back at it. But it was great.

On if there is a different vibe in camp:
I wouldn't say there is a different vibe, just different location, back at home. Same grind, same tempo. We're actually going faster here. Nothing else has really changed, we're just upping the ante and working harder.

On if they've worked on any Virginia game plan:
We looked at them and I've been looking at them throughout the summer. We looked at them yesterday and we'll look at them tonight, but we'll get more into it end of the week. Their motions, they have a quarterback who can run, a good running back, their tight ends are big and can be a mismatch for anyone. They're a good team and they can beat you. It's going to be a great game. And then we have to go out to Virginia, thats a five hour flight, time change, so the odds are against us, but we should be alright.

On being called the biggest prick on the team by Jeff Ulbrich:
I don't think I'm the biggest one. I mean, sometimes I can be. I'm just competitive, I don't take it off the field. We have to compete. Offense goes as hard, when you get past the linemen, you get after the running back, you want to hit him.

On who is:

Either Alex Redmond, or, probably Alex. It's not even close.

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