VIDEO: Redmond Talks Mullet, Center

AUG. 19 -- Sophomore offensive lineman Alex Redmond and his mullet have been pressed into duty at center while Jake Brendel, Scott Quessenberry, and Carl Hulick recover from injuries...

Alex Redmond:

On the haircut:
It's going good. I didn't ever think it would grow this long. It's the longest I've ever grown it out. I like it, I think its really grown on me. I'm going to keep trimming the sides, I don't know if I want to lop off the sides.

On the haircut inspiration:
One day my ears were getting hot, and I was letting my hair grow, all of it, and like my ears were getting hot, and I couldn't sleep so I was like 'I can't take this anymore' so I shaved the sides and I was like 'oh, it's a mullet now," and it was pretty cool, so I kept it.

On playing center:
Center is fun. I like playing center. It's easier, the guy is right there and I can grab him.

On if it's been a transition making more calls:
Yeah, that's my one tough spot. I'll get up to the line, tired as heck, our tempo is so hot, and I'm like "that guy, that guy' snapping the ball, but its fun and more responsibility and I'm glad they trust me playing center.

On if it will help him when he transitions back to guard:
Its like I know every play, but calling them out is the big difference. I know the offense and it will help, but I feel like working on guard will make me a better guard.

On how much faster the tempo is:
We're trying to go faster, so when the ref puts the ball down, we practice at such a pace that we can't play it in the game, so when we get to the game, we're at peak speed. I think it's going really well and we're making huge moves in our tempo.

On being back home:
I like this kind of heat.

On Malcolm Bunche:
He's a big, aggressive, mean dude, really consistent, good feet and a natural leader. He comes out and goes hard every day and it's easy to see him working. He's not too vocal and goes out and does his job really well. He coaches us young guys up. It's really nice to have him in the room.

On Najee Toran:
Najee just comes in and kicks ass and I love him. He's just a beast. Guys like that we need in our room and its nice to see guys with similar attributes as me. It's nice to play next to him because I'll be like 'come down here' and he'll slam the dude. It's fun playing next to him. He's a good dude.

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