VIDEO: Mora on Tuesday

AUG. 19 -- UCLA head coach Jim Mora talks about several injured players making their way back to practice and how Alex Redmond has looked at center...

Jim Mora:

Opening statement:
It was a good morning practice, went with some tempo stuff. We'll get some guys back this afternoon, Marcus Rios. It was nice to have Lopez back, Hulick back. Whoever else we got back. It's good. Quess is back. There aren't many guys on the bike. Zach Bornstein is over there, but he's in the final stages of rehab. Jake is doing really well, riding the bike, walking around, should be good to go next week for Virginia. Like I said in camp, and no one believed me, we're healthy.

On if Alex Redmond will start if Brendel isn't healthy:
Jake's going to be ready. He's going to be ready. If he wasn't, I think Alex has done a good job and its good for him to work in there and I think it will help him when he moves back to guard. I think he kind of likes it though, because he gets to do that thing that centers do, sit back and point guys out. I think it feeds his ego a little but in all honesty, I do think it's good for him.

On what they need to do in the next week in a half:
Our practice speed is probably faster than our game speed. Yesterday, we cut the clock in half, from 40 seconds to 20 seconds. A number of reasons you do that, to increase tempo between plays and reduce the rest period. We increased the number of plays. Train your body, train your mind. What we've done every week in camp is bring the clock down a little. I'm pretty confident the way we practice helps us during the season.

On the time change for the Virginia game:
We practice early. We were out here at 8 this morning. That's an hour before kickoff so next week, I haven't completely formulated it, but we'll start practice before kickoff is slated. Those things don't matter if you don't talk about it, and we don't talk about it, we just go out and do what we do.

On if they're talking about Virginia:
We're talking a little about Virginia but it's very preliminary. We're not really gameplanning with them. Just giving them a little exposure to what they do. Nothing with focus yet, we'll start on that on Thursday and Friday a little bit and then come back Monday and it will be all Virginia.

On Ellis McCarthy:
What we did with Ellis was give him a week back there to get into shape with his conditioning. A lot of people thought he was hurt, he wasn't hurt, we just wanted to help him get in better shape and bring his weight down and we did that. I think he's where he wants to be. Even when he wasn't practicing, he was going 45 minutes of individual then on the bike. It's going good for him.

On the captains:
We did it last Thursday and voted on captains. The offensive captains are Brett Hundley and Jake Brendel. The defensive captains are Eric Kendricks and Owa Odighizuwa. And the special teams captains are Ryan Hofmeister and Taylor Lagace. I think it's a great group to represent this team.

On what's expected of the captains:
We have a little captain's creed and I can't recite it verbatim. We plagarized it from the military. Really, things like lead, knowledge and ability. One I think is important, what you demonstrate and what you tolerate in your presence demonstrates your status. Expect them to hold people accountable, expect them to hold to a high standard. I didn't appoint them, the team voted.

On the toughness of Jeff Ulbrich:
Passion and a real sense of purpose. He doesn't let anything slip. He's able to really coach hard and with a real positive vibe. The fact he played ten years with the same team at a high level gives him great credibility with these guys. They really believe in him, they really trust him and he works his tail off. It's that passion and energy he brings that I think you'll see reflect in the way we play this year.

On the culture the camp in San Bernardino created:
I think it was by far our best camp in San Bernardino, in terms of intensity and focus, them pushing through things, the way I pushed them. They really responded. They've reached a level of maturity that I like but we have to cultivate that at all times. But I thought San Bernardino was incredibly successful this year but it only matters if we continue that.

On Mossi Johnson:
Mossi is a great competitor and he's tough as heck and he's smart. He hated being hurt. You saw how fast he got back. He's got that mindset that he's not going to let anything hold him back. He doesn't want to make mistakes and I like his toughness and focus and I think he's going to be special. That's why I think it's important you never put a timeframe on a recovery. You have to be careful what you tell a kid, they might here six weeks for an injury and they think it's six weeks until they come back. We have the best trainers and the doctors, UCLA doctors, in the United States of AMerica. They know how to get guys back. Anthony Venute is amazing. But we're never going to get them on the field before they're ready to go.

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