VIDEO: McCarthy on Conditioning

AUG. 19 -- Defensive lineman Ellis McCarthy talks about his current weight, how he has worked on his eating habits, and what positions he's playing on the new defensive line...

Ellis McCarthy:

On their timing:
We're out here working every day, getting better and working hard. By the first of the season, we'll be ready.

On the biggest challenge:
Trying to simulate the amount of time between snaps. Trying to do them within 20 seconds. We're out here working, trying to get to that.

On if he's ready for two-a-days to be done:
We grind hard, very hard, but we get good work from them so it's very helpful.

On using a week to get healthy:
It was repetitive. I feel like we gained a lot as a team and came closer together and a lot of technical things, hands, footwork, what helps us on the field.

On his condition:
Right now, yeah, definitely. Even till today, I feel faster.

On his weight:
330. Trying to get to 320 before the season. It's a week and a half.

On if he feels a difference:
Oh yeah, definitely, from freshman year to now, I feel better, lighter, quicker on my feet and just need to get it down and feel better. Just trying to eat better and diet better. I haven't been the best on diet and now trying to avoid fast food and grease. Pizza is my favorite food and I had to give that up.

On the new defense:
We're getting better at it as a team and better than the spring, we just have to stay in our gap, and trust the guys next to us. I'm doing nose and 3-technique and a little 4i.

On if conditioning has been hard:
Since I've been here. It hasn't been the hardest because every play is conditioning. When the season comes though, I feel like I'm better conditioned since the start of camp.

On how hard it is to avoid fast food:
I'll just cook chicken or steak at home. Fast food or pizza was a cheaper alternative but now I'm buying leaner meats.

On Virginia:
I'm thinking of them a lot more now, just watching film. We haven't done anything in practice, but more film and trying to get ready for them, but we'll probably do that more next week.

On the challenge of opening across the country:
It won't be a challenge, we'll be ready, we kind of did it last year with Nebraska and it wasn't too bad so it shouldn't be too bad going over to Virginia.

On if his role could change:
Yeah, kind of. It will be a little different but I'll need to do the same things to get better.

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