VIDEO: Miller on First Two Weeks

AUG. 20 -- Freshman offensive lineman Kolton Miller talks about how he's adjusted to the first two weeks of college and what the biggest challenges have been so far...

Kolton Miller:

On his first couple weeks:
It's been tough, challenging, big transition. You have to compete and get better each day.

On the biggest transition:
Speed has been a real challenge, adapting from high school. At this level, you have to be real fast.

On if he feels he needs to get bigger:
That's not for now, but maybe in the winter. You just have to compete right now.

On his size:
I'm at 290 right now, 6-8.

On the biggest mental challenge:
The plays. I wasn't getting it initially and now I'm competing.

On getting thrown in to the fire right away:
It's real tough but it makes you better. That's what Klemm does, he throws you in and gets you better.

On if he's gone up against a player like Owa before:
No. No. It's challenging but it makes you better.

On the toughest guy to block:
Just the edge rushers. Some will bull rush you, some will try to get the edge. You just have to learn fast.

On if he'll play this year:
I'm just trying to get better and what ever happens, happens.

On how he learned:
I talked to Malcolm and we got it down that day. One sit down, like an hour. He's awesome. He's a great guy too. His laugh. He's a great guy. I like him.

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