VIDEO: Johnson on Shoulder

AUG. 19 -- Freshman wide receiver Mossi Johnson talks about how his shoulder is feeling, how important it is for him to play this year, and more...

Mossi Johnson:

On how frustrating the shoulder injury was:
It was frustrating, but it's football, and everyone gets a little bump. It's all about how you come back.

On if he's 100%:
I'm working towards it, it's not that bad. I got my range and motion back and it's feeling real good.

On what's holding him back:
It's the mental. I have to get the mental back. Other than that, it's not really holding me back.

On coming back quick:
If I didn't come back fast enough, they probably would have thought about redshirting me. I didn't want to waste time. We don't have time to waste, we have a game in two weeks.

On how he recovers:
Back to my knee, I have to go back to mind over matter stuff.

On going against Myles Jack:
Man, I go against him, I've been working with him since I got here. I mirror him, see how he's doing. I bring the pressure to him and I want to go at it and he wants to go at it and it's going to help us.

On putting him on his back:
Now, he put me on my butt, so now it's getting back to him. I'm gonna get him.

On the tempo:
It's similar to game speed. It's not as bad as you'd think it is, we're actually getting the hang of it.

On not having played since 2012:
Hungry, excited, a lot of words. I think about it every night.

On if he was worried the shoulder was more serious:
When you get an injury you get a little scared. When you can't get up by yourself, you get nervous. I do get nervous. I had to just get over it and started to remove my shirt on my own and spent an hour in the shower moving it and then I was like after it, it's not that bad.

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