VIDEO: Tuiasosopo Talks Duties

AUG. 20 -- Assistant coach Mike Tuiasosopo talks about his role in special teams coaching, how the pass rush is developing, and more...

Mike Tuiasosopo:

On Deon Hollins:
Deon Hollins has one of the best takeoffs I've been around. He's really doing some great things in helping us with our rush. It just goes back to take off. That take off, I saw it on tape last year, and those are some things we're working with. He's getting better every day. That speed, what he brings to the table in the way of his rush, it really forces people to think about it and have a plan for it. He's had an amazing camp.

On impressions of the freshman:
At the outside linebacker, end position, a young man like Jacob Tuioti-Mariner is doing some nice things, gotten better every day and a guy we're counting on to play for us. He's so coachable and does a really nice job of taking whatever we're doing, drill-work wise. Very coachable, listens and tries to do everything right. The other young man, when he was out there with us, had a lot of promise, and still does, then he had the shoulder injury, is Cameron Griffin. He's a young man who I think has a bright, bright future. Dwight joined us late but he's coming around. I don't coach him, but I watch him everyday, but Matt Dickerson is going to be a player for the Bruins and he's going to do a heck of a job.

On what he sees on special teams:
It's still a committee approach. Coach Mora and Coach Ulbrich, an unbelievable standard they've had here and so I've got a tall task in following the work. The standard has been set, there is not much in the way of wholesale changes. They've been very impressive on special teams and a lot of it goes back to the head coach and Jeff Ulbrich has done a heck of a job. We have 8-10 guys, core guys, on our teams that are very special dudes. I've never been at a place where we've had so many quality guys that give us great effort and know what they're doing on special teams. But again, that's the culture and the standard that has been set here and I'm very fortunate to pick up where Coach Ulbrich left off.

On the learning curve coaching special teams:
I've coached special teams here and there every where I've been, going back to John L. Smith at Utah State, but not at this scale. The learning curve, I had to learn fast. Some of those older guys, veteran players, Hofmeister, Taylor Lagace, Steven Manfro, I could go on but those are three guys off the top of my head. I learn a lot from them. They teach me alot. In terms of closing the gap and learning as fast as I can, it's not like I tried to manufacture something new and different. It was already in place and up to me to get it as fast as I can with 15 practices in the spring, and now, what 17-18 practices. It's been wonderful really, it's a great challenge for me personally as a coach and I'm up to the task.

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