VIDEO: Mazzone on Running Backs

AUG. 20 -- UCLA offensive coordinator Noel Mazzone talks about the running backs, whether he'll name a backup quarterback, and more...

Noel Mazzone:

Opening Statement:
Why you talking to me? We've got Denzel Washington here. The Equalizer. He's a lot more important than me.

On the offensive line:
They've hit that time where now, starting today, we worked on getting their legs back and we're getting guys back and that's good for depth. I feel good about the depth, they're starting to gel.

On the running backs:
They've been consistent in my mind all camp. The hard decision is how you get the ball in all those guys hands over the course of a game. Its a good problem to have, they've been one of the hardest working groups all camp. It's a good group, solid. I like where they're at.
On if he'll switch up from a committee:
I don't think so. They're all very unselfish kids and all want whats best for this football team and whatever job they're asked to do, they'll do a heck of a job for us.

On Jordon James:
You know what I think he's become? A more decisive back which is good. He's proably our most explosive guy, has the most burst and our fastest guy. What I like is his decision making in the hole. Now he's got it down to 'I'm going there,' and he'll go.

On the key to fast tempo:
Brett. We got as fast as he goes and the only thing that slows us down is me. He's been in this offense long enough that he looks at me and if I don't give him the play, he looks away and calls whatever he wants. He's done good and done a lot of work with the clock. We've really been pushing him every day. I feel good about our tempo right now, probably the best its ever been.

On if he'll name a backup quarterback:
I think we'll name one. Don't know it yet, but we'll name one.

On Mossi Johnson's return:
A little bit of catch up the last couple days, so missing that time, and TD was out too, so we moved JP. I like Mossi. He's got all the ability and now for him it's just how many reps we can get him.

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