VIDEO: Goforth on Secondary

AUG. 21 -- Junior safety Randall Goforth talks about the secondary's need to have a chip on its shoulder and how the freshmen have developed so far...

Randall Goforth:

On the secondary compared to last year:
Every day is a progress with us. We have a lot of work to do. We just have to go back, watch the film and see how we're practicing. We're caught up but it's a process.

On the young guys:
They all work very hard. But they're coming along. Jaleel Wadood is coming along fast. We've got Denzel Fisher coming along. We're trying to get better as a group every day.

On if they feel they don't need a chip on their shoulder:
Not at all, because every day as a football player, you should have a chip on your shoulder. If you want to be great, play with a chip on your shoulder. Every day, we come in with that mindset to be the best we can be and maintain that. We never forget and know where we came from, and keep striving to be great and never settle for less.

On Jaleel Wadood:
He's a raw football player, but he gets to the ball and he wants to make plays all the time. He has a lot of work like everyone else, but he's coming along just like all the freshman. Just what every freshman needs, learn the game mentally and get in the film room with Coach Meat and Coach Mora.

On his shoulder:
The shoulder is great.

On his biggest improvements:
I just want to keep taking my game to the next level mentally because I'm not the biggest, I'm not the strongest and I'm not the fastest. So I have to be smarter. I need to keep taking strides on being smart and learning what offenses are doing.

On if he patterns his game after anyone:
Definitely Troy Polamalu. Go the hair route, with the Head and Shoulders commercial, but I pattern my game after him and he's a great role model.

On how he gets to know about offenses:
Studying offenses, even when you're watching yourself, watchin what they're doing, where the ball is, talking to Brett Hundley. Every day, I try to feed knowledge and receive knowledge from the offense and try to get better.

On if it's easier to read offenses:
I feel like the game is slowing down. I'm starting to recognize things and know where I need to be. Every day I try to be a film rat. Stay with Brett Hundley. Hes my roommate and try to learn what they're doing on the other side of the ball.

On rooming with Hundley:
He's a great guy, always watching film. So I'm chilling with him, watching film all the time and we work together to be great.

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