VIDEO: Mora on Thursday

AUG. 21 -- Jim Mora talked after practice Thursday about moving into a bit of scout, and which freshmen will more than likely not be on scout team..

Jim Mora answered questions after practice Thursday.

He told us off-camera that Eric Kendricks was sitting out for a little bit of the flu.

Ishmael Adams changed his number from #24 to #1.

Opening statement:
We had a little different practice today, we're transitioning out of camp mode into season mode and did service periods for the first time. Really, it was to train how we do it during the season. Tomorrow, we'll do it again and it will be better. Today we went from a training camp practice to an in-season practice. Still a little in between but moving that way. I like where we are in terms of focus and trying to bring them back physically and they're responding well.

On what he wants to still see:
We're learning how to do the service teams, giving the proper look of the opponent. You're so used to seeing what UCLA wants from you, to look at a card, just to learn how to do that, it's important.

On if future classes can have the early impact of the 2013 class:
I would hope. It's all about competition and they've seen that we've played 18 true freshman last year, and that's not going to happen this year. I don't think we even have 18 true freshman, but you want them to aspire to that.

On what the biggest difference in this class is:
I haven't really thought of it. I look at football players not really in ages. I was going through the roster and I couldn't have told you which guys were juniors. I'm evaluating football players, not classes.

On the overall health:
I haven't been concerned with health since day one. Any dings we had were minor. Losing Austin Roberts and Sam Handler hurt, losing Cameron Griffin will hurt his development and then Simon, but that's relatively minor. But we're coming out of camp in great health and did work the last couple of weeks. We worked with each other instead of trying to hurt each other.

On Thomas Duarte:
We saw it right away, he played early. He's smooth, he's athletic, he's got excellent hands and retains things very well. It didn't seem like he struggled mentally like some kids do with the playbook or the level of play and as the season went on, he gained a lot of confidence and Brett gained a lot of confidence in him and the staff gained a lot of confidence in him. We could expand his role and it's good he could be back out here a few days and next week he should be 100% and that should bode well.

On what Duarte needs to add:
Like a lot of us, consistency, being the same guy every play, someone that we can count on, that Brett can count on and that comes with time in the system. And I think we'll see that out of Thomas.

On the defensive lineman redshirting:
I don't think any of those guys will redshirt. Our plan right now is to play all three of those guys, they're good football players. They're in the depth right now so the plan is to play all three and play them a lot. In this conference you have to be able to rotate guys through. I could change but we're planning to play them all right now.

On if Thomas Duarte reminds him of anyone:
Not really. When I was in the NFL, you didn't have that hybrid looking guy. So not really. That's a tough question.

On who might redshirt:
We're going to go meet on that right now and put together a preliminary plan. We don't think about guys we're going to redshirt, we think about guys who will play and help us win. As a result, some of those guys will redshirt. But we don't go 'hey lets redshirt that guy and save him.' That won't be our mindset and won't ever be. We're trying to win right this second.

On if there is a fourth running back:
That's a great question because before I came out on the field I was messing with that and put down three names and couldn't come up with a fourth until we sit down as a staff.

On what the freshman defensive linemen showed that they're ready:
Well, physically, they're mature. When you look at Matt, he's a specimen, he's a stud and he retains information well. He's gone against good players in practice and done very well. Ainuu isn't the tallest guy but he's effective. If there was one of the three we looked that maybe needed some time to develop it was Jacob but he's really developed quickly and looks to be a guy that can bend and can play. They're going against good offensive linemen out here. We can use him.

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