VIDEO: The Doctor is In

AUG. 22 -- Cornerback Fabian Moreau discussed the hype he's been getting -- mostly from his head coach...

Fabian Moreau talked to us after practice.

On camp almost being done:
It feels good getting back on the field, turn it in to season time, camp's almost over and now our first focus is on Virginia.

On what he got the most out of camp:
Conditioning. I felt like our coaches put us in the best condition possible and we grew as a defense and of course as a secondary.

On the defense compared to last year:
I feel like we're a closer group than last year and I feel like Coach Brick is one helluva coach and it's fun learning from him and being around him.

On how he feels he's improved:
I feel like I've focused on the little things and with help from Ishmael, Randall and AJ, they pushed me a long and I feel like we're all going as a unit.

On expectations:
I try not to listen to that, I just focus on coming out here and getting better and not listen to outside noise.

On being a leader:
I'm still learning but I'm trying to take on the younger guys and we all want to be on the page.

On Mora saying he's a first rounder:
I really don't watch the interviews but I'm thankful for a good coach and a coach who believes in me.

On a head coach who's a DB coach:
It's great and he knows what he's talking about, gives us insight when he can, watching our indy periods and watching us and telling us what he feels.

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