VIDEO: Ulbrich on Defensive Scheme

AUG. 22 -- Defensive coordinator Jeff Ulbrich talks about his role on special teams, how he designed the current defensive scheme, and what similarities it has to last year...

Jeff Ulbrich:

On where the defense has made the biggest strides:
I'd say every area, really. We're starting to gain a better understand of what we're trying to do schematically, the technique is getting down, it's a consistency thing.

On the defensive talent level:
I feel like it's the best we've had. You have a group of guys who've been here for years and some new guys in the mix, but the culture is different then it was. There is an extra commitment to film work, but the kids are taking a rein of it.

On his special teams involvement:
A little bit. I help with the kickoff team and the field goal block team but Coach Tui kind of oversees it all and he's the coordinator of it and does an excellent job of it.

On Eric Kendricks' health:
I feel like he's completely back. Its the best he's looked since the spring we got here and his ankle and shoulder weren't bothering him. He's had so many nicks here and there, but it's a testament to him because he hasn't really missed much time here with all he's gone through. I'm just excited for him, finally being healthy and doing what he wants to do.

On if there has been any change in terminology:
A little bit. I'd say there are similarities in what we do and some wrinkles we put in. It's always a process and evolution, especially when you're coming from the NFL like Spanos and I were, figuring this game out. It's a different game but we're getting this package tighter.

On how Pac-12 offenses influenced his defensive designs:
Enormously. Offenses force defenses to adapt. You can't do a lot of NFL concepts, not just because of the offenses, but the hashmarks, so many factors that make you adapt. I feel like we're getting closer though.

On Kenny Young:
I'm just excited to see him on Saturday, to see what he does. See him cross that line. Great kid, works his butt off every single day. We all know what freshman can be like at times and it can be overwhelming, but I've yet to be overwhelmed.

On watching Virginia:
We have, we watched a little bit today. It was less about Virginia and more about us getting to the operational part, like scout team and service team and letting those guys who haven't been a part of time get it. It was more of a procedural kind of thing.

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