VIDEO: Mazzone on Quarterbacks

AUG. 22 -- Quarterbacks coach Taylor Mazzone talks about who's standing out in the backup quarterback competition and how Aaron Sharp has looked so far...

Taylor Mazzone:

On the backup quarterback spot:
Right now, we have some strength and weakness in the QB spot. Right now, with Jerry, he's been here three years, he knows the offense, same with Fafaul, he's been here three years. And Asiantii is going in on his second year. Both guys have strengths and weaknesses. That's what camp is for, to find that guy.

On when they'll name a backup:
When we get closer. Right now, we're still giving those opportunities to see what they can do, put them more in 3rd down and redzone and see how they handle the football but its getting closer to game week so we'll get an answer closer.

On if anyone has an edge:
Not right now. I think right now, it's an even plan. We have two guys who've been here three years who know the system with Asiantii growing up in the system but right now I am proud of the way they have camped.

On Hundley's improvements:
Brett, being in his third year, I think his vision, his eyes, he's definitely seeing things quicker. His accuracy is above average, but he's definitely taken note of what he needed to improve on and circled the things he needed to get down.

On where Woulard has improved:
It's his confidence. Its tough to look at five o-linemen and tell them what to do. He's developed that confidence, what he needs to do and what we need to develop the play.

On if Woulard got frustrated when hitting a wall:
Throughout camp you hit a wall when more volume hits your head, but one thing he does well is he comes back the next day and works through it.

On Aaron Sharp:
I'm liking it. He's fun to have around. I like the way he's accurate, he went 4-4 on 1-on-1s and that was promising. Just having him next to Brett and the other guys, learning how to call the plays and what we're looking for.

On coaching a lefty:
The left side of my brain doesn't really work so I was trying to figure out how to take a 3-step drop lefthanded, but its definitely been fun.

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