VIDEO: Young on Starting

AUG. 23 -- Freshman inside linebacker Kenny Young talks about the last few weeks of camp and how he feels about potentially starting against Virginia...

Kenny Young:

On camping winding down:
Its going good. We have a great offense. I've been getting out here fixing my mistakes. I think every area needs development, you're never too good at one thing. That's the mindset I push my practices.

On running with the 1's:
I just do my job. I'm a freshman, go against the offense, and play my best. A starter is a starter, I just come out and work every day.

On if he got any advice from Myles Jack:
No, but he showed me the way. Myles, we talk about it every now and then. Give your all and you appreciate it every day that you give your all.

On how much of an impression true freshman playing at UCLA made on him:
One of the main reasons that I came here, honestly. What was it, 18? That stood out to me. That was one of the reasons I came here.

On emotions against Virginia:
Coach asked me that today. I won't be scared, but it will be ten emotions into one, if that makes sense. It's my first college football game, a little nervous and a little anxious, but I'll be focused and prepare hard because when you prepare hard all the nervousness goes away.

On hitting someone not wearing a UCLA jersey:
It's fun man, it's an opponent. Im not trying to hurt guys out here. But I'll bring my A-Game. The other ten guys I'm playing with will be excited.

On his poise as a freshman:
For myself, I never think I'm bigger than the game. I still have to come out here and work my craft and do what it takes to be great. There are a lot of the small things. I'm just a freshman right now, but I don't want to think like I'm a freshman and I don't want to believe I'm a freshman and my mindset is way beyond a freshman and that's my approach while I'm here at UCLA.

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