VIDEO: Hofmeister on Special Teams

AUG. 25 -- The veteran linebacker Ryan Hofmeister talked after practice Monday about being named Special Teams captain...

Ryan Hofmeister answered questions Monday after practice.

On the special teams transition:
We're definitely doing things the same way. Coach Brick is working more on the defensive side of the ball now mainly so we're keeping the main things going, what's worked in the past, continue to do. We definitely have that feeling in the special teams room, it was succesful for us last year.

On taking more leadership:
Naturally, taking the reins, showing Coach Tui the way we are. Someone like me, coming from the upperclassmen, showing him the things, but he's also bringing in new things. We know what we've been doing that's working.

On some of the new things:
A lot on technique, some schemes. Nothing too knew because we know what's working, but a few tweaks.

On making decisions:
When I go out there, I see what works. I try to work in some of the new techniques. We're all different players, so someones techniques work for others. As a captain, I have a little say in that naturally and helping us in doing what we've got to do.

On pride in the special teams:
Yeah a lot of pride. Before, I think guys weren't respecting special teams but Coach Mora is amping it up where it's a privilege to be on special teams and more and more guys are believing in that and it's becoming more competitive. Guys are getting on the field and showing what they can do and what they're capable of. There is a lot of pride in there. Understanding that's a way to take that step to maybe play more.

On the linebacker depth:
We've really stepped it up with our linebackers and with all the young guys moving up, but we're better. There is a lot more competition and how we'll roll with that is up to coach but before we were minimal on our depth and this year we have guys competing. It could be new guys out here. But everyone can play.

On the young linebackers:
Coming in, just their readyness to play and their ability to not be afraid to go out there and not think they'll redshirt. Making us better. These guys are coming in and ready to go. These guys come in and fight for that starting spot. But they're pushing us to get better.

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