VIDEO: Mora in Game Week Mode

AUG 26 -- Coach Jim Mora is pretty tight-lipped on Tuesday just four days from the season opener against Virginia...

Opening statement:
We've had a good couple of days starting on Virginia. We got a little bonus yesterday and our normal practice today. We'll have another one tomorrow, a light one on Thursday and then we'll leave Thursday afternoon. Just excited to be playing someone else. Its been a good camp, a good time back at UCLA and it's a good time to start the season.

On if Jake Brendel will play:
We'll see.

On Virginia:
They're a good football team and they can do some things offensively, depending on which quarterback is in. Their three running backs are quick, agile and athletic guys who can make you miss in the open field. We've got our hands full.

On if he's noticed anything about their secondary:

On Brett Hundley improving on taking less sacks:
Better offensive line, better understanding of the offense, better receivers that have more chemistry with him.

On if the offensive line is better than last year:
Yes, absolutely. A lot better. More depth, more experience, a greater understanding of what we're trying to do, more continuity. I feel really good about that group.

On how much different Scott Quessenberry is this year:
Last year at this time, he was going to redshirt and then we played him against Oregon and he continued on and did well from there. If he has to play, I'm sure he'll do well. He seems to have gotten stronger, bigger, more physical. He's always been very intelligent as a player but now he has the experience to go with that intelligence.

On Alex Redmond at center:
He looks good. Alex is a good player and he can play anywhere up front.

On Virginia's offensive line:
I hope we're able to apply pressure to the quarterback.

On if the increased attention in the last week is on their radar:
Nope. We don't talk about it. That's how I answer it. We don't talk about it, we don't think about it, it's all about Virginia. Today is Tuesday and it's about having a great Tuesday. Wednesday is about having a great Wednesday.

On if they've named a backup quarterback:

On if there is a time table for a backup to be named:

On the fourth running back spot:
The fourth running back spot looks good.

On if he'll release a depth chart:
I will not release a depth chart. There is no depth chart. We don't even have a depth chart. There is no one in our office that has a depth chart. It's fluid. I think depth charts are a waste of time and if you ask any coach in America, they'll say the same thing.

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