VIDEO: Lucien on Special Season

AUG 26 -- Receiver Devin Lucien talked Tuesday about why his mother makes this season a special one...

Devin Lucien talked after practice Tuesday.

On the new haircut:
The new do? Swag. It's just something I wanted to do, get back to my old Devin, just amped up for the season, I'm ready. This is just signifying that. I'm ready.

On how he feels physically:
Physicall, I'm good. It was more the heat than anything. Let that be the last time someone asks me about it. It was more heat related, I'm feeling great and I'm looking forward to Virginia.

On what he's noticed on film about Virginia:
Number eight had like eight picks so I'm looking for him to be everywhere because usually when you have eight interceptions, you're a balll hog and I'm a ball hog. Which means he's trying to take the ball from me and I can't let that happen so I'm looking for him to try and make plays. All of their DBs are good. Their defense bases themselves off their DBs so we're really excited about the challenge.

On if going against the UCLA secondary helps:
It does because I think my secondary is the best in the country. Going against them is 'lets see what you got'. I'm not really scared, I'm more excited.

On if he heard what Virginia's quarterback said about their defense:
I don't care. It doesn't matter. What matters is what we're about to do to them.

On Brett Hundley's efficiency:
I think experience is going to come this season. Those sacks that you saw, Brett isn't going to be sitting back there waiting and being shy to throw it. He's either going to take off or he's going to throw to one of his great receivers he has out there. I don't think that's going to be a problem with Brett this year. I'm not saying he isn't going to get sacked, don't quote me on that. I'm just saying he'll do better than he did last year.

Closing statement:
Number one I want to thank everyone for their support when I was in the hospital and I want to thank everyone for when they were talking about my mom. My mom was diagnosed with breast cancer and that's been a lot. This season is dedicated to my mom, point blank, and that's another reason for the 'do, it's really about to go down. And people aren't understanding. I'm looking at all the cameras when I say that.

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