VIDEO: Klemm on Center Situation

AUG. 27 -- OL Coach Adrian Klemm talks about the center situation heading into Virginia...

Adrian Klemm:

On Jacob Brendel:
He's doing pretty good. He's working hard and getting better every single day.

On if Alex Redmond would be the replacement:
Everyone is ready to go, that's why we come to camp. Working hard every single day. That's been one of our things since Day One, to put guys at different positions so they can learn. So it doesn't matter who it is, who's in or out, they'll be ready.

On Redmond's biggest adjustment:
Just snapping the ball but he's a natural snapper. He was messing around one day and looked pretty good doing it so we just followed up with it, tweaked a few things and he's done a fine job when we put him in there.

On if that was Klemm's plan to put him in there:
Just one of those things, with every thing that we've been through the last few seasons, we always want to prepare and create depth wherever we can. He was one of those guys who could snap efficiently and ran with it for a little bit.

On Najee Toran:
He's been out here and was here in spring. He's been a starting guy since day one since we came to camp so he's gotten a ton of reps and gone against the one's for the majority of the time. That's one of the reasons he won the job, he's come every day. I'm very pleased with his development and where he'll be over the course of the season. But for where he is at and his expectations, I fully expect him to keep doing such over the season.

On if there are size concerns with Toran:
People think everyone in the league is 320 and that's not the way it is. When I was in New England when we won the Super Bowl, the biggest guy was 305 pounds. So not everyone is 320 pounds. Its about are you explosive, sudden, how violent can you be in short spaces, do you have length and he possesses all those qualities. Obviously he's going to get bigger as time goes on but I'd rather have a guy like that than a guy who's 6-7, 320 and has no ability and doesn't play with violence. But Najee has those things. He's young and a little immature in some ways, but hopefully he can be consistent in some games, and if he does, that's going to be big for us.

On position versatility with his lineman:
Throughout the recruiting process you look at it. Most of the time, if you're the guy, you're a tackle or left tackle on your team. And what I like to do is with the guys that are tackles or defensive ends, move them to tackle when they first come in. If theyr'e not as strong as Id' like as a tackle, I'll move them to guard. You want to move them in. Scott Quessenberry was a tackle, Alex Redmond was a tackle. Malcolm played center at Miami. The only one who was a true center was Jake but everyone has played each position before. In the league, they only travel 7-8 guys on game day, so it's not a rare thing but in college it's different. Coach treats guys like the pros, thats where most of us come from and we're trying to develop that kind of atmosphere and mentality, to be ready to go when your time comes up. Don't be hung up on the position.

On Brendel missing part of camp:
He missed a few days but he's out here every single day. He was out here today working drills with us and taking reps. It just depends on when we play the game. We'll be smart with that and listen to what he says. He's day to day and working to get better and getting reps in when he can and he's at where Sal thought he'd be.

On where Scott Quessenberry has improved:
All the way around. Last year he was thrown into the fire and expected to redshirt then we lost three tackles in the span of about 10 plays and a couple other guys and things changed real fast. We talked with him and we said we'd be fair with him, and it was up to him, if he wanted to keep redshirting or help the team out and he said he wanted to help us out and we put him in there. There is nothing like getting on the field and there is nothing like playing. You can have a guy on the board and they can know everything, but until they're playing, things are different, especially with offensive linemen. There are some things you can't mimic in practice. He was able to see it last year. He struggled at times, but I think he learned a lot and it helped with the maturation process. Whether it was at center, guard, he was even playing left tackle and he was fine with that. He's playing with a purpose and with focus. I'm really excited for him and excited for him to get an opportunity in the game.

On tackle depth:
We're deeper in numbers, but it's about quality depth. It's the difference between having numbers on paper and actually having quality depth. You could be comfortable, point at a guy on the bench and tell him to go in or is it panic mode? There is different levels of prep. Everyone is getting better, guys are getting reps. If something happens in the game, it may be different then what you've seen. It's not that they're not capable of playing, it's the level of depth. That's not the case, , every day is a competitive situation. It could change at any moment.

On Virginia's defensive front:
They try to create a lot of pressure by movement. which is a lot different than what we see in the Pac-12. Speed, they may not have the length that we see, but they have two fine defensive end, and they have some experience, but we have some starts under our belt. Obviously not as many as other places, but a lot more than has been here. It's a challenge but one the guys are willing to take and they're energized by it. It's an awesome experience to take it on the road. What's going on over there, their coaching staff, the first game of the year, us being ranked, it's going to be a pretty awesome environment.

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