VIDEO: Kendricks Talks Defense

AUG. 28 -- Eric Kendricks talks about his health, the defensive line, and Kenny Young...

On Virginia's running backs:
They run hard, downhill and are a little bit shifty so any time you have those three combinations, you're dealing with a challenge. Downhill backs are what we like to see.

On their main weapons:
It's mainly the looks they're going to bring to the table, we'll see a lot of split, a lot of zone, a lot of power. They know what they're going to do, we need to stop it.

On expecting them to run north and south:
They'll take it to the perimeter a little but they'll have their lead guys pulling. But mainly they'll get up field.

On a true freshman starting next to him:
For the most part, we've practicing this whole summer, so he's ready to do it.

On if he has to compensate more with Young:
No, not at all. He's got his own back and if anything he'll learn from what I do. It's his first game and he's excited.

On Virginia potentially using two quarterbacks:
We have a gameplan against both guys. Both are extreme athletes and very competitive and bring different styles to the table, its our job to stop them.

On Greyson Lambert:
He stays in the pocket, likes to pass and always looks down field.

On his day-before-game routine:
I eat my breakfast, do my plays, watch a little film and keeping consistent in every game.

On if an early kickoff effects it:
It doesn't effect it. We're waking up, we're doing our pre-game the same, we're going over last minute plays and adjustments in the locker room. We're gonna be fine.

On when he was last fully healthy in a game:
Shoot, it's football and I'm a linebacker, so I don't know if that question is valid. But I play great now and can't wait to play.

On if he keys on any position at first when he watches film:
I like to look at the interior linemen and see how aggressive they are. If they're getting to the second level fast. You have to lok at everyone though, see the routes the receivers are running. Everything comes in to play.

On if he'll be able to roam more:
It's a possibility, it depends on the front we're in and what calls we're calling. Just depends on what gap I have to fill.

On the effect of Kenny Clark:
He's a beast and if he performs like he's been practicing, from spring ball and this preseason, he's going to have a great year and you should be hearing his name a lot. He holds his gap and take two guys at a time and it definitely helps me behind him.

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