VIDEO: Clark on Scouting OLs

AUG. 29 -- Nose tackle Kenny Clark talks about what he looks for on film when looking at offensive linemen...

On a game finally coming:
I'm really excited. It will be cool playing Virginia and go out there.

On Virginia's running game:
They have a great running back. They have three good running backs. Great run team and they run a lot. They use the run well.

On their offensive line changes:
I studied their offensive line a little bit, mainly their centers and guards. I know they've switched it up a little bit lately and been reading stuff and I'm just ready to go up against whoever's out there.

On what he looks at for offensive linemen:
Just the technique, steps, hands. Just seeing how they do their job and see what their offensive line does and focus on what I need to do and how they plan to stop me.

On if Virginia might run more with a new quarterback:
I know both quarterbacks play so whatever they feel like, they'll do. They have a great running back though.

On his second year:
I'm just eager to get out there and be able to start my first game of the season. I'm just excited to even be playing the game, period. I've been waiting so long and working so hard, I'm excited to be out there.

On if he reads what people are saying about them:
No. If I'm on twitter, i may read the timeline, but other than that, nah.

On if he listens to the talk:
Not the expectations part, but we have to come out here every day and get better every day and grind every day. We focus on getting better every day.

On how big a role he'll play this week:
Nose guards always have a big role with stopping the run, plugging up passing lanes and playing nose guard is a hard job to do against double teams and triple teams, but you have to stay in there.

On the nose playing more in the defense:
I'm excited for this defense. Just because I'll get to make more plays and more in space and I can still use my power and strength.

On playing next to Owa for the first time:
I'm excited to see Owa. I watched him when I came out on my official. He was always a great player. Owa, Datone and Cassius. I always watched him when I came up to UCLA.

On if he'll see more double teams:
Honestly, I don't know, our whole defensive line is stacked, we'll have to see. We'll see what happens.

On what else he looks at when he studies:
I study the offensive line for the most part but I'm watching the running backs. Watch the running back do what a running back does and open my eyes and know what I need to do.

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