HD VIDEO: Post-Virginia with Hundley

AUG 30 -- Quarterback Brett Hundley answered questions after the Virginia game about how the offense sputtered...

Brett Hundley outside the locker room after the Virginia game:

On the win:
I think we just have to come out and play our game, and that's the key to this thing. I think we may have come out there a little too juiced and had a lot of mental lapses and a lot of mental mistakes. We just have to fix them and come back next week and play a better game.

On if they ever got into a rhythm:
It was hard and a little up and down. We got into a rhythm a couple of times but for the majority of the game, the penalties killed us, but when we stopped our momentum going forward, it kills our offense.

On Virginia's front seven:
They did a good job. They came out with typical blitzes like smash, smash weak, mike at A, simple stuff that we can pick up. We just have to do a better job on offense, f picking up everything and getting the ball down the field.

On coming up with plays late:
It shows that, and sometimes a game like this will be good, because it shows every game that we need to come with it. You can't come out and think, we have to understand what we train for and do it. Make those big plays, the comebacker to Jordan, getting those 7 points on the board in the third quarter when we needed it. It shows we have the resolve as an offense to do it and we just can't shoot ourselves in the foot.

On upping his role as a runner in the second half:
You have to sort of find a tempo on offense. If that may be running the ball a little bit more, I have the ability to do that. I pride myself in understanding that if we need a spark I can run the ball a little, and be that spark. The lanes are there, and when they are, I'll just take them.

On if he was pressing to make a big play early on:
I felt like we were sticking to what we were doing. PLay calls, everything was fine. We just kept shooting ourselves in the foot. If you watch the game, 3rd and longs, every time, they hurt an offense. Penalties, and when you don't stick with a schedule, it hurts an offense. It shortens the play calling.

On the feeling walking off the field after a game like that:
It doesn't feel like we escaped, the defense did a great job today, scoring three touchdowns. But you always have to be humble in victory and defeat. Games like this you have to take into account, we have a lot of stuff to work on. As a team, the sky is the limit. We can't make mental lapses like this. We're an older team and we have to understand that.

On if he's concerned:
It's the first game, first quarter, getting the jiters out. It allows us to fix these things going forward.

On the drops:
It's not typical at all. I have a lot of trust in my receivers, and I'm going to keep throwing them the ball. What happens may happen but I trust them to come down with it.

On Mora saying the team looked like they had lost coming off the field:
It's just because our expectations are so high. And its not that we put outside pressure on ourselves, but understanding that we have high expectations in the first place. So we have to learn how to handle those, and how to really come on the field and really play our brand of football. Today, we didn't exactly play our offensive style of football. Defense did a great job, special teams did good, but we have to play together as a team, and the offense has to step up.

On the takeaway:
It's the first game, you can take away what you want. It's a W. There are a lot of things we have to fix. People see that. A lot of things we have to correct. We had those moments you can see it. But the times we shot ourselves. I keep coming back to when we shot ourselves in the foot.

On if he he has to remind himself they won the game:
Yeah, just because you have high expectations and you know today, not everything was perfect. We all expect greatness.

On his demeanor not changing:
I think as a quarterback, you have to do that. I think that's where the maturity comes in to play. Last year, I started running more, but if you keep your calm and composure, it's come a long way.

On the comeback to Jordan Payton:
There were a lot of good throws, and some I liked and some I wanted to come back. Sometimes as a quarterback, you have sit in and stay back. You've got to sit in the pocket and make throws.

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