HD VIDEO: Ulbrich Talks About the Defense

AUG 30 -- Defensive Coordinator Jeff Ulbrich talked about calling his first game, getting three defensive touchdowns and more...

On how often he preaches about making impact plays:
Everyday, it's all about the ball for us. We talk about stealing possessions and they embrace that. We got three. It's excited but we have a lot to work on. Man, Virginia, they're a pain in the ass. They're going to be a good team.

On if the QB switch affected them:
Not really, they're similar guys. The pocket guy, theyw ant for their offense, has that command. The guy who would be a little different, we didn;t see today, he and Greyson were very similar.

On if it threw them for a loop:
No, had he been a completely different guy, but when he came in, I thought they were similar quarterbacks. He threw the ball wel and made some plays. Bigtime credit goes to him and the receievrs. We need to improve on our end as well.

On the pass rush:
Today was unique, they did a lot of max protection. A lot of three-man routes. One of those deals you love to bring pressure, and you know I love to bring it, but when you bring that many when they're like that, you're just asking them to make big plays. We weren't able to pressure a lot today and that obviously affected our pass rush.

On Owa:
We'll see when we watch film, but I felt him. THat's a big part of it, you feel Owa. He plays with unbelievable passion and relentless and when you combine that with a guy who is supremely talented, you have a pretty good combination.

On calling plays for the first time:
Honestly, it's kind of what I've always done, even as a player. I think Coach Mora instilled that in me when he was my DC with the 49ers. When he would make a call, he would always challenge us, with 'why would the quarterback make that call, why is it significant to this situation. It comes fairly natural.

On if there were some calls he'd take back:
Always. We had a busted coverage, but we'll just keep improving, with guys committed to it, who love this game, love this team and we'll keep working.

On Myles Jack:
We'll see when we watch the film but he's another guy that you feel. A guy that's constantly around the ball, constantly making plays, especially critical plays and he'll conitnue to improve. He's been a great athlete and now he's becoming a great football player. It's fun to watch him progress, hopefully get him back healthy out there, he was cramping today.

On the pick-sixes:
Great players, great things happen.

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