VIDEO: Mazzone on Offense

AUG 30 -- Offensive Coordinator Noel Mazzone talks about the issues of the offense against Virginia...

On the offense:
We could never get into the rhythm. All the things I've talked about on offense that kills drives, sacks, dropped balls and penalties, well we pretty much cornered the market on that. So what I'm hoping is we got it out of the system.

On avoiding second and long:
It killed me. They did, Tenuta and that defense had a good plan, they kind of attacked our newness on the line and their deep front did a good job handling our o-line. And then dropped balls. I'm very optimistic about where we'll go.

On what Virginia's defense did:
I think it was maybe a little bit of movement by their d-line and big strong physical guys and we had a few issues with our kids handling that, so conversely, the pressure gets on Brett and we can't set our fit. My glass is always half full, in my years, a lot of these games pay off in dividends in the course of the season more than going and scoring 52 points in a game and then coming back and not knowing who you are. We're going to have games like this. We'll play good defenses. This was a good understanding for our kids on offense.

On Hundley managing through the chaos:
It's football, right? Some of these things are going to happen. You're not going to go out every week agains football teams and be like 'well that was easy.' What I'm really excited about, because we did lose some composure and it got chaotic and my kids think we'll score every time we touch the ball, but it doesnt happen and they start pressing, so I was happy that Brett and JP, they had to make that play at the end of the game. No matter all the other plays, they had to make that play and they made a hell of a play and the O-Line did a good job blocking. It was a great catch and throw. There, to me, a learning experience for down the road.

On more zone read option:
We tried to take some heat off our o-line because we were having problems with the twist and stunts. My mindset was were going to come out and throw it a lot and in the second half, we threw Nate in there, and said lets try to take some pressure off those guys, get some first downs, hand it off a little more.

On if Hundley was fully able to tune things out:
No, because I think it's human nature. I can say it all I want but it's human nature. But now your'e playing on a different side of the coin then when you were in the past, when you were maybe a 2-touchdown underdog. Now you come in and everyone is for you, so you have to be careful to not listen to the hype and noise. Sometimes you lose sight of who you are because of expectations so we have to remember who we are and what we do.

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