VIDEO: Bunche on the O-Line

AUG 31 -- Senior tackle Malcolm Bunche talked about some of the struggles and miscommunication on the offensive line in the Virginia game...

Malcolm Bunche answered questions after the Virginia game Saturday.

On playing for UCLA for the first time:
It was a great feeling, to get back on the field again. It's been a while since I strapped the helmet on, heard the crowd and just played football. It was fun and a great feeling again.

On the Virginia defense:
They did a great job today, their D-Line and linebackers, you could tell they really watched film on us. As an offense and an unoffensive line, we'll look at the film and correct mistakes and try to get better.

On if Virginia changed it up:
I had seen the defense before, a lot of what they did, I kind of new, I tried to relay it to the right side and center. They were having trouble with the calls and blitzes.

On if they were tense:
Yeah, it was the first game for a lot of those guys. We were tense and I told guys on the sidelines, be loose, we'll get through it.

On if not having Jake Brendel had an affect:
A little but we had Scott in there, and he's played before at left guard, started some games, and I had confidence in him. In the beginning, we did good.

On Hundley being composed throughout:
Brett is a leader, man. He's an electrifying dude who makes plays. We kept tell him and had comforting him and said 'Brett, we got your back.' He got confident in the beginning. Our first play, he threw for like 50 yards. Then we started shooting ourselves in the foot.

On owing the defense steaks:
As soon as I walked off the field, I told the defense, I said, you did a heck of a job and I appreciate you guys, you all balled out.

On the attitude:
It's the first game, we have some young guys still playing, they just had to get that week under the belt. Once we watch the film and get more experience, we'll be fun. Keep encouraging them. We're close so we're going to be good.

On the takeaway:
This is not our best. This is not our best. We still have a lot on the table and we'll do it, and we want to progress. That's what we want to do, progress and fix mistakes and keep progressing.

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