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AUG 31 -- Defensive back Ishmael Adams talked about his pick six, the called-back return for a touchdown and the performance of the secondary against Virginia...

Ishmael Adams answered questions after the Virginia game.

On his punt return for a touchdown getting called back:
It was difficult to swallow but it is what it is. We did a great job on defense and it gave me the opportunity to make some returns, and we had some great blocking schemes. I had seen a hole and it was wide open, and I just had to make the punter miss so it felt good to get there anyway.

On getting the touchdown back a couple plays later:
A few players later I got the pick-six and that felt way better than the punt return anyway. I'm a defensive guy, so I'll take that one.

On the pick-six:
We just had a great pass rush and using cover three, got a reoute and I thought it was coming in front and the pass rush got to the quarterback and he just tossed it up.

On if he knew it would be a pick-six:
Oh yeah, when I caught the ball, I knew it would be a touchdown.

On if he immediately looked for flags:
Oh no, I was looking behind me to see which guys were coming. One is ok, two, I don't know what I would have done on that one.

On the defense:
I think people may be a little surprised with how good our defense was and turning turnovers in to touchdowns. We did a great job finishing those plays and keeping going for the ball. We made a lot of great plays and it's only up from here.

On hearing the crowd after the plays:
I heard the crowd rupture after the punt return. After the dude tried to dive and get me. That felt good. On the interception, I heard them when I caught it, and that was cool.

On if teams are avoiding him on kickoffs:
It seemed like it towards the middle, it looked like they didn't want to kick it to me. Their kickoff team was good- they had a great scheme and they were prepared for it. Its something I don't like, but I'll get it. We'll adjust it.

On wearing No. 1:
I love the new number. I just decided to take it this year. It wasn't a big thing, because it's the player that makes the number, not the number that makes the player.

On if they have goals for games:
You have to shoot for something. We sort of have a goal and try to surpass it every time.

On when he's not in at punt return:
Its something between me and Randall. We're both threats on the punt return, and kick return. Whenever one of us feels gassed, I'm on every special teams and he's on a bunch as well, as well as defense, we want to make sure we're primed for defense more than anything. That's where we can get a little loose with it.

On who's making that decision:
It's a communication thing between me and him. We do (consult coaches) but at the same time, they know the potential we have. You saw Randall as a freshman with a 60-yard return, so we're getting there.

On the secondary:
There are still some things for us to work on, we let two get away from us, but it's the beginning of the year and we have a long season ahead and we're looking forward to the challenge.

On the feeling on the pick-six:
It's great, it's always a good feeling getting back to the end zone. They took my first one away so the second one was even better.

On if he'll play any offense:
That's not been talked about, but we'll see how these punt and kick returns keep going and we'll see what happens from there.

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