VIDEO: Quessenberry on OL Performance

AUG. 31 -- Sophomore center Scott Quessenberry says the defense made up for "the mess" on offense...

Scott Quessenberry answered questions after the game.

On when he knew he'd be starting:
I found out this week, Tuesday or Wednesday.

On his performance:
There is a lot to work on, especially up front, and we'll go up and watch the film, get it fixed, take Monday off, rest and recover and Tuesday get ready for Memphis.

On if the line played tense:
A little bit, with the guys around me. Najee's first game, of course, had some jitters and then some unfamiliarity there with me playing center instead of Jake. There is a lot to work on and we'll dissect the film and get for Memphis.

On Virginia's defense:
They were a solid defense, high motor, they didn't quit, I feel like they really wanted this game. They gave us a hell of a game.

On the defense scoring three touchdowns:
Awesome, you know. I was telling the guys, Eric, Ish, RG, the three that scored, 'thanks for cleaning up our mess'. They really, really stepped it up for us.

On if he feels they escaped with a win:
A win is a win, that's all there is to it.

On Hundley not getting rattled:
Brett's a fantastic leader out on the field. Everyone respects him and looks to him for guidance. He gets everyones head up. We're all really good friends with Brett. He's a great player, great quarterback, great student of the game and he did hang in there in the pocket a lot. I commend him for that for sure.

On what Klemm told them at halftime:
They weren't bringing anything we didn't see on film. We just had to clean it up and play out game.

On those specifics to clean up:
They were bringing green dogs and b late, #44 was blitzing late, and in the second half, I felt we made good adjustments in pass protection and gave Brett a little more time, but there is always room for improvement.

On the touchdown drive:
It felt diffetrent. Things clicked. We ran the ball better and saw things more. I think you guys saw in the second half, we did get rolling a little bit more. We just couldn't finish and put the ball in the end zone.

On how much more effective they are in high tempo:
I feel it's great for any team. You get in there, especially plays where you get 5-yards on the simplest run play and you say coach lets keep going and going. You run the same play a couple times in a row, the defense gets tired and it makes a difference.

On how a test can help:
Last year we didn't see as much twists or pressures that we saw today. We just have to dissect the film and get ready for Memphis.

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