VIDEO: Goforth After Virginia

SEP. 1 -- Veteran safety Randall Goforth talks about the fumble recovery for a touchdown and the secondary's performance...

Randall Goforth answered questions after the Virginia game.

On the defense:
We don't want to go out there, tight or tense, we laugh and giggle while we're on the field and the plays will come to it.

On the takeaway from game one:
First game. Things are going to happen, adversity is going to hit. Every team in America is good, if you're in college football, you have talent. Coming in to game one, there were no expectations for us, just come in and play hard and play fast and the best of our ability. Some things may go our way, some may not, but we just want to keep going.

On if Virginia may have been underrated:
Like I said, Virginia is a very good team. They have a lot of heart. And I respect them a lot, they were out there fighting every play which raised our game. Every college team has some talent and they fought today.

On if the offense owes them one:
Not at all. Them is them. We focus on the defense and our side of the ball and what we have to do. We've got a lot of things to fix on defense as well, but as a whole, first game, I thought we did ok.

On when he knew he'd scored on the fumble recovery:
Right when I saw the ball on the ground. I had seen the ball pop out. I had seen EK make the hit and the ball out so my first instinct was to just pick it up and go until I heard a whistle, and about 20 yards, gone.

On the lack of reaction from Virginia's offense on the fumble:
Defense and offense. It was like 'man, I didn't even know the ball was fumbled.' I was lucky to be there in the right place at the right time and my teammates made the plays to make it happen.

On what they need to clean up:
Little mistakes. That we can fix. Us as a secondary, we pride ourselves on stopping everything all the time. We look for perfection and when we don't get that, we want to go in the lab and look at what we can get better.

On if the defense felt close to perfection:
First game, things happen, a lot of mistakes happen, we come out here and fight hard. We just had a good time and that's what we did today.

On Virginia's quarterback:
#15 was a good quarterback, he came in and they didn't fall off. They had a lot of heart, they're a great team.

On the defense being motivated by the offense's struggles:
We have a great offense and things may not go right all the time. We can only control what we do so we're not even paying attention, when they say it's ready to go, we know it's our time to go eat.

On how San Bernardino prepped them:
It all pays off. Hard work, that's what we do, how you practice is how you play. Practice hard, keep getting better from this and do our work.

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